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Another odd story

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Once more, not easy to see why this would be fake, but there are just too many references to known fake events that make this seem like another hero removed from the sim-story. This simply saves future questions from being asked of him.

Superstorm Sandy lifeguard who saved lives drowns in Puerto Rico   thestar.com



Fake or not? You decide – and question all!

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firefightersNot too much to go on here. Part of the problem of all the media fakery we are being pounded with is some fake events give fewer clues. Of course, they may be real, but we don’t really have any way of telling for sure. We cannot give them the benefit of the doubt any more.

Not too many clues here – we have the magical 33 neighbors though. Whole story seems incredible and hard to believe – which probably means it didn’t happen.


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Ep20:Simon Shack on Sandy Hook and NASA

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audio_mp3_button2012-12-26-Simon Shack

Simon Shack will join me from cluesforum.info… where we will discuss the Newtown Sandy Hook Psyop and NASA

More Sandy Hook – simNurse Cox

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Media fakery researchers are doing a great job exposing the nonsense and conflicting stories.

The Nurse Cox story is full of holes so big you can drive through them.

Amazing “Grace” in above video. Never saw two grieving parents smile so much. No tears. Eyes looking up for the story (sign of deception). The clues are endless in these videos.

Dr. Henry Lee and psyops

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www.cluesforum.info… This post brings up an interesting point. Forensic expert, we are told, always seems to pop up around high profile national media frenzy cases. Is this a coincidence? Could all these cases have something else in common? Is there anything factual about them or are they all psyops? Is this less than credible “expert” a clue to what’s really going in? Even my overly doubting mind wants to say no, but 9/11 proved to me that nothing is impossible. Is OJ really in jail? Did Johnny Cochrane really die? Did Robert Shapiro really quit as OJ’s lawyer for the strange reasons he did? So many questions at the time went unanswered. Psyops should be the catch all … should they?