Ep23:Clare Kuehn & Robin Fisher

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audio_mp3_button 2013-1-12-Clare Robin Markus

Media fakery, history. Anonymous chatter Markus Allen joined the call towards the end, to many people’s chagrin and/or surprise.


9 thoughts on “Ep23:Clare Kuehn & Robin Fisher

  1. farcevalue

    Just listening to the podcast..A phenomenal jazz trumpet player quipped on stage one night after I qualified one of my comments with  “That was a joke.”  He said:  “I’ll be the judge of that.”

  2. SimonShack1

    For Clare Kuehn’s information: the so-called “Harley-Guy” has been definitively identified as yet another media employee drafted to play an “eyewitness” role on 9/11. His name is Mark “Psycho” Walsh, a former FOX employee : www.cluesforum.info…

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