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Ryan Adams – New York, New York – YouTube.

Found this video in Brian’s chat last night. They say it was made on Sept 7, 2001. Of course it doesn’t matter when it was made – the point is the psychic driving of the twin tower imagery and the heavy pedestrian traffic underneath to underscore the “fullness” of the towers.

Of course I’m sure the towers were emptied and gutted by Sept. 11, 2001.

On an editorial note: this blog started with 9/11 and its hoaxes. While sometimes I may seem far off topic from the original purpose, most of the discoveries I post here are a result of my trying to figure out what is going on in the world, as a result of my awakening.

Recently I have drifted into the religious overtones of the whole psyop. While I am not religious at all, I am fascinated by religion and its use as a control mechanism. I am also fascinated with deeply religious people, and how dedicated they are to their control.

Whether or not 9/11 was an occult religious event or that was only part of it, it still brings up some fascinating branches (and mostly dead ends).

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