Nuke warning system in Toronto

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Toronto’s nearest nuclear plant (50km from its downtown core) now has a few sirens to scare people.Of course, the tests are three minutes long (trinity) and there are 11 sirens.

Nuclear power plant symbol in 2D

Nuclear power plant symbol in 2D (Photo credit: Wikipedia)…

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5 thoughts on “Nuke warning system in Toronto

  1. Blue Moon

    There’s a similar Cold War era pole-top siren set up a block from me in a residential area of San Francisco not too far from the Pacific Ocean- It goes off at noon sharp every Tuesday without fail, followed by a robotic voice announcing over the din of traffic that this is only a test- I don’t know what the test is for- It did not go off after the ’89 World Series earthquake when the power was cut in many Bay Area cities, the Marina burned, the Emergency Broadcast System was simply ignored by the corporate stations, looters helped themselves and, like me, people found family and friends and organized on our own for food and shelter- Intimidation really is the only use these contraptions have-

  2. banazir2980

    Is there a list of all the coded numbers? I see 3, 9 and 11 alot but I dont know the rest. Also I hear conflicting information.

    Regarding toxic waste is there any way to follow the money to see if anything is being done with the alleged waste or is it merely a way to smuggle goods into the country or is it a pure and simple distraction?……

    1. ab Post author

      Just search for occult numerology. As for the “waste”, it’s also got to be part of the hoax. Whether they leave it at the sites or bring more waste in is anybody’s guess. It’s a secure military installation where even the workers wouldn’t know.

  3. Gabriel

    I’m with you Ab, nukes are a hoax. I was in the National Guard in the US with some folks that worked at a nuke plant. They seemed to take it seriously and were always complaining about having to wear all this protective gear and how hot it was. What if all they were experiencing was steam? These were good guys but probably not in the know. I am sure there are strict protocols and it’s hot in the room where the work had to be done. That does not translate to radiation emissions. Maybe it was just hot. I think there is probably no nuclear energy or radiation being produced.

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