Ab Dossier

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I found my official dossier at a referring blog. Good. Now I don’t have to create an “about” profile here.

Let me try in my new “black poper” hat and see if it fits. I hope it has a star of David on it since I really identify more with the Jewsuit label (but that could change).

Despite being a black-poper and therefore not to be trusted, he passes the holohoax litmus (he would be ridiculed on Clues Forum if he believed in such a ridiculous hoax), although he passes this in a Michael Tsarion sort of way, to then turn

Simon Shack interview on Radio.Abirato.Info… 3-17-2013 grizzom.blogspot.ca/2013/04/simon-shack-interview-on.html?showComment=1365256136469&m=1#c3345338238085994116…

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