Legs are psyop theme of the season

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Broken, blown up and bloodied legs are everywhere these days.

Is this predictive programming? Is this a real injury? Where’s the blood?  Is the lack of blood meant to condition viewers to the future Boston Marathon Hoax not to expect lots (up to 6l) of blood when a leg is blown off?

Is the below video faked?

Louisville basketball player Kevin Ware breaks leg – YouTube

Ht Markus for reminding me on last Hoaxbusters call.

One thought on “Legs are psyop theme of the season

  1. Blue Moon

    Here’s a link to traumatic sports injuries of note (I imagine you are familiar with Clint Malarchuk’s brush with death) www.ibtimes.com… (Sometimes blood flow is impeded by certain injuries, for what its worth)
    And here’s a particularly egregious vid of one of the unconvincing vicsims (Take note of the fact that she’s apparently lost a foot but the human simulacrum hosting the segment keeps saying it’s the leg) www.youtube.com…
    (This is probably nothing but there is a Haslett Marathon service station in Missouri- Marathon being an oil company of some sort)

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