Is the Earth Flat?

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When you first find out you’ve been lied to by someone, what’s the second question you ask?

The first one is, of course, 0;why?”

The second one is, of course, “what else have you been lying to me about?”

So, since most here agree we’ve been lied to about WW2, , /Apollo, RFK, MLK, Waco, Oklahoma City, Columbine, Sandy Hook, Boston, just to name a few, how deep do you dare dig?

The Earth is Flat r10 – YouTube.

So what if the earth really is the center of the universe? What if the Sun revolves around the earth? What if the UN flag shows the real picture of this planet we’re living on? If this is the mother of all , are its purposes the same as all the small ones? That is, fear and money?

Why aren’t our children taught our human history, that is to say that for thousands of years we thought the earth was flat, and it’s only recently that this thinking changed? Why isn’t it common knowledge that Copernicus’ model was adopted by the newly formed Church of England, and made the official position?


Why are the most monumental moments in our history, when great change occurred, glossed over in our schools as single lines in textbooks? I believe the reason is that fresh, unadulterated minds might come to different conclusions if allowed to form on their own. It’s hard to think in a mental

On the map of the UN, does anyone see where Antarctica went to? That’s another can of worms that needs flushing out.


Just look at the links below, to see what our minds are being bombarded with when it comes to space questions: all nonsense.

English: Nicolaus Copernicus ?Norsk (bokmål)â?...

English: Nicolaus Copernicus ?Norsk (bokmål)â?¬: Nikolaus Kopernicus, (født 19. februar 1473, død 24. mai 1543) europeisk astronom, matematiker og lege. Polski: Miko?aj Kopernik (Photo credit: )



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11 thoughts on “Is the Earth Flat?

  1. Anikada Awesomest

    Fake NASA globalists have been trying to keep us trapped inside for a while now. They wrap a circle known as Antarctica , a gigantic ice fence, around our known world. They jail/kill anyone who tries to get past it, saying “only researchers are allowed” and bull crap like that. Pilots aren’t allowed to fly over Antarctica either, other than their border patrol pilots.

    For good measure, they invented the globe Earth model so that people are duped into thinking this is all the world is. They come up with fake formula/assumptions as well as fake NASA photos to say “oh, well Earth is clearly a globe”. They even changed their description of Earth’s shape three times, even though clearly anyone who landed on the moon would know what the Earth looks like.

    Their fake formulas don’t even work. Every single lighthouse defies the formula they had for how much the Earth curves per mile. A traveler can use an Asian compass in Europe and Africa and it will always point North, even if you go to Iceland. They’re explanation for why the North Star is always fixed doesn’t even make sense.

    Former NASA employee Mattew Boylan used to make the fake cgis that everyone thinks is space, but he decided to expose that the Earth was flat. He told us about the mind control subliminal patent they had. They play it in all the news shows, movies, music videos it’s the real reason for advertisements. Remember “it’s a small world after all” that is full of programming, and everything around it too, like it’s release during the Cuban missile crisis and the formation of the UN.…

    For those of us that know that there’s something beyond this prison circle, it’s almost impossible to escape. Rarely can someone from the other side come in contact. This is the place where the elites have power. They have control of all the countries and all the land inside the circle, and everything in it. That’s why they can perpetrate global hoaxes like convid and chemtrails and get away with it, and for those of us that know, the whole world seems like a corrupt place and we feel desolate and hopeless. They will defend their territory to the end.

    Gravity is actually longitudinal waves, or scalar waves, same as sound waves. That’s why sound can manipulate gravity, make objects levitate, flip them. Even mainstream scientists use sound to levitate objects, look it up.

    Tesla had a dynamic theory of gravity in which gravity wasn’t real. The longitudinal waves are just like electricity, can move objects like the sun, do everything electricity does, but they’re much superior and they come from an infinite source that Tesla was trying to pick up on using his free energy machine. Military blocked him because the elites want longitudinal energy to themselves, using it to maintain control over us, using the energy for their mind control skull transmissions.

    Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen said “they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.”…

    John Hutchinson used electromagnetic waves for antigravity and a variety of other things. Coral castle and a lot of the ancient structures, like pyramids, were also built with levitation, the pyramids acoustic levitation.

    They have almost infinite power over us by keeping these longitudinal waves to themselves. It’s like they have a free pass to all the energy in the world. Energy is not limited for them, it is limited for us. They can straight out build a brain for us using neural networks, and that’s what they do. Search up whistleblowers like Bryan Kofron. What they want is to stop is from being able to receive consciousness signals using aluminum (which destroys ca atapase and causes calcification) and fluoride and vaccines, so that they can replace it with their neural networks.

    Back in the days, they used to have crystal radios, radios not powered by anything, no electricity, no batteries, good, durable radios. You can build one, change the materials and the antenna size so that you can pick up higher and lower frequencies. Tesla used to have a special radio. If you get lucky, you can find the frequency of all sorts of crazy transmissions, of Haarp mind control, of people on the other side, of everything.

  2. Blue Moon

    Needing to wed causation and proximity can contort thinking- Gravity is not dependent on a spinning earth- Gravity is the relationship between the center of two bodies relative to each other- Jump off a low roof and you are momentarily weightless because you’ve changed the relationship between your physical center and the earth’s- The spin, if stopped, would make the gravitational pull a little stronger (you’d probably break both legs rather than sprain an ankle) The moon doesn’t spin on an axis but the gravitational relationship between earth and moon drags the moon along and affects the tides as we spin, which also, in my un-cited opinion is what helps percolate living matter and constant change- A flat earth would not have this kind of atmosphere and would not produce the array of life as it is, nor would a moonless sky maintain the same gravitational force we experience on earth nor would a non-spinning earth result in these particular planetary conditions- The concepts of spin, gravity etc. are containers to sort out and properly index various predictable phenomena- I don’t see these “laws” as inherently evil but they are susceptible to manipulation simply as concepts when one person or many don’t take the time to test the veracity of these “laws”-
    One clue that the earth is round and spinning is that one is slightly heavier in weight at the poles and slightly lighter at the equator- Plus there is a bulging out at the equator and a flattening at the poles, presumably because of the wide spin of the equator and tight spin up top at the axis-
    The flat earth hypothesis suffers from the fallacy of sense certainty- That which we subjectively experience in the physical world (we can’t see anything but flatness) is objectified (we can’t see it therefore it doesn’t exist) This is the gateway to madness- I blame Emmanuel Kant and his philosophical spawn for Einstein and this secular religion known as relativistic physics- Kant et al were inevitable after the age of enlightenment when the church lost its grip on its exclusive interpretation of the phenomenal world- Kant repurposed the now deposed notion of top down divine authority into an incoherent mangle of sense stimulus and called that objective reality- If the church can’t control reality then no one else will, either- It’s the greatest controlled demolition of reason and critical thought processes since religion itself-
    That stated, one observable phenomenon that IS the result of subjective observation but seems all too real and objective is the changing size of the moon relative to our vision- Unlike a pocket camera, with a single fixed lens, we see in a parallax condition, with two separate lenses slightly apart which allows us to focus on great distances or see close up when reading- The effect is like an elaborate telephoto lens in a movie being racked where a face in the foreground suddenly goes out of focus and the blurry face in the background is now clear and seems closer than it is to the foreground face- When the moon is low on the horizon, I believe, our points of reference to the earth relative to this rising moon rack focuses our eyes involuntarily to perceive the moon is larger and therefore closer- The higher it gets from our earth bound references, the further away it seems and therefore we process it as being smaller- The single lens pocket camera can’t shift focus and therefore is never fooled- The moon is always registered as small and fixed in the distance-
    Of course we weren’t taught alternative belief systems because to be good sheeple we need to be told certain verifiable facts so we don’t develop idiotic notions like thinking we can fly without a plane or drink water from a fetid swamp or mate with our pets- We’re “human resources”, after all, and need some basic maintenance- But I worry that default positioning as false anything that is supported by the elite mindbenders will lead to what used to be called “anti-intellectualism” but what is now more accurately defined as “uncritical thinking”- Discussion is the way to avoid that-

    1. jhenningkelloggia

      you operate under the delusion that gravity and magnetism have a relationship one with the other… they dont… the Moon has no magnetic relationship with the earth what so ever.. if it did… we’d all be in a lot of trouble.. magnetism does not work that way… ever… nobody has ever tested this ridiculous notion that the Earth and the Moon are magnetic… ever…
      magnets dont orbit each other… they stick to one another

      1. Blue Moon

        Jhenningkelloggia- If you are responding to my screed above, where in it do I use the word ‘magnetism’? My understanding is that the moon is dragged along by the turning earth through ‘gravity’- No magnetism needed- It’s like when a large truck drives by at a healthy speed and my hat goes flying after it-

  3. Gabriel

    I agree with Ab’s point, why weren’t we told about the different possibilities in school? I believe its likely the earth is flat but cannot know for sure because I do not have a way to prove it. It makes more sense to me that it is though. So many truths to be found.

  4. Aaron

    Thanks for the post, Tim. I’ve suspected for a while that the earth might be flat. It’s nice to see confirmation from another critical thinker out there. I’ve been planning to do an experiment looking through a telescope to try and prove it, similar to this:…

    If this experiment checks out . . . holy crap! We might really be on to something.

    1. ab Post author

      I just want to have the discussion. I only think it’s a big ball because that’s what I am told all along. I’ve been told a lot of things that I’ve had to toss in the garbage. Could this be another one? Don’t know. Glad so many have the same question.

    1. aj

      How can you be so certain earth isn’t flat? I believe it is. It makes way more sense than it being a round planet rotating around the sun. NASA has given us fake outer space pictures so why should we believe their claim that earth is round?

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