Was Dave Dave Michael Jackson?

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Please allow me dear reader to indulge in some sweet conspiracy candy. The “chatter” about Michael Jackson has ramped up this week. Listening to Howard Stern’s guest Scott Thorson reveal that he had a homosexual affair with Michael Jackson was the latest bit of media promoted this week.

Here’s a video from shortly after Michael Jackson “died”. Media fakery and Michael Jackson may have been a perfect fit.

via Dave Dave: Michael Jackson Was Like A Father To Me – YouTube.

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2 thoughts on “Was Dave Dave Michael Jackson?

  1. aj

    Wow! Wow! Wow! After watching this video I did some searching on youtube and saw a Dave Dave video where he’s talking to someone named Leeza and after 10 seconds of listening I’m convinced he’s Michael Jackson. I could be wrong but dammit I doubt it. Listen to the his speech patterns and the tone of his voice. One thing I can say about Michael, he never was a great actor. www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4CkET…

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