Satellite Exit Strategy

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All hoaxes need a plausible exit strategy. For the psyOp/hoax writers, this isn’t a problem. After all, using the logic of appeal to authority, they’ll believe anything.

Simon muses:

It stands to reason that, if man-made satellites (all the way back from Sputnik to our days) are a hoax, the multinational space industry would already have a working exit strategy in place, in order to gradually phase out the entire scam. Now, what better way to use another, more recent science fraud (“the global warming scare”) to justify the ‘decommissioning’ of the older, satellite sham? As it is, here’s what we can read at the American Geophysical Union’s website:

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Here are the solar planes!

The Titan Solara 50 solar plane is huuuge. The wingspan is about 150 feet! It can carry a payload of around 250lbs to “atmospheric orbit” and then stay operational up there thanks to its 3,000 solar cells that can produce 7 kW of electricity (and because it flies above the clouds, it’s always sunny during daytime).…

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