Not evil, just wrong

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Andrew and his guests may not understand media fakery, but they do understand the concept of spreading this difficult subject of questioning 9/11. What would a fakeologist flyer look like? Let’s design one. Brainstorm here.

Worth a listen.


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1 thought on “Not evil, just wrong

  1. PeterSheaPeterShea

    re. fakery flyer;
    1. a gasping cast-away on a boat (or in a bath-tub) engulfed and engrossed by and in an ocean of imposing TV’s, one showing 9/11, another the moon landings, another jfk etc., with the heading;

    Fakery Fakery Everywhere
    And We Lap It Up.

    2. Don’t Even Go There. It’s All FAF.
    (Fake As Fuck)

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