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ep5-Johnny Clues Live

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If the stats are true, than you like Johnny. Here’s (more) Johnny!


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Boaz and Jachin – 11

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11 is more than just a magick number.

What 11 is Ultimately About

My personal opinion about what 11 is all about is integrating our bicameral minds into a state of balanced consciousness. Schooling emphasizes the left brain at the expense of the right. Advancement in society is almost entirely a left brained affair. The feminine right side of our consciousness is being systematically suppressed.

Psychic health comes when both hemispheres of the brain are more evenly matched. Artists shouldn’t be starving and psychopaths shouldn’t be running the world. Extremes flourish because of the imbalance in human consciousness that desperately needs to be healed.

via Secrets In Plain Sight.

The New World (Order) Trade Center

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Fantastic post about our owners’ most dramatic architecture statement to date. More numbers and myths, coupled with astrology to make you stop ever using the word coincidence again.


The new World Trade Center is loaded with secrets in plain sight. My previous post was on the Freedom Tower which is WTC 1 in the following site plan:

via Secrets In Plain Sight.

h/t Jan Erik in chat.fakeologist.com…

Truman says “Choose love, not fear”

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Quite a few good quotes in here.

There should be, since it was probably written by Hollywool’s best writers.

Not many can bring words to life as well as funny face man Jim. For a while I forgot he would never have written the speech.  It’s so easy to suspend disbelief, even for a fakeologist.

I wonder who painted the painting? Is it satanic or full of subliminals? It’s hard to tell. What would he be paid for a speech like that? The propaganda value for the university is surely worth the cost. Does this indicate Jim is out of the main Hollywool circuit, or fully engaged?

Full Speech: Jim Carrey’s Commencement Address at…: youtu.be/V80-gPkpH6M…