Post truth era

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Interesting take on hoaxes and fakery. I always enjoyed this picture; it’s clearly disinformation to mock those that think 9/11’s planes were fake.

Some observers are now claiming we are in a “post-truth” world when it comes to politics: it does not matter what you say, as long as it plays to people’s fears and desires, and gets you elected.

It makes you wonder if we are also entering a post-truth era for news, where it does not actually matter if the story is true as long as it entertains.

via Here is the fake news.

One thought on “Post truth era

  1. smj

    interesting timing for a story like this this. it reminds me of the salinger sydrome stuff from the twa 800 event.…

    i just hope that the heroic investigators and victim relatives (sometimes you can be both apparently) are courageous enough to… yada yada yada– whatever, the narrative is getting boring.…

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