MH17 on their minds

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Just looking at my stats for this morning, it appears that the Psyop was clearly meant for the Dutch. Too bad their biggest Podcaster son Adam Curry thinks it was a real event. He really should study 9/11 and the famous Vicsim report of Make sure you listen to ep8-Johnny Clues for a great analysis of the fakery by JC, Banazir and Videre.


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  1. Cobra Commander

    Maybe a little movie foreshadowing I noticed today. In the movie Oblivion, early on Tom Cruise references 2017 as the last Super Bowl ever played. Not too much later, he goes to his little hideaway, and as he’s sifting through his vinyl albums, the last one shown is Asia. About a minute into the movie after that, a vessel comes crashing down into sector 17, and resembles very closely to the mushroom kind of cloud of smoke we see from the supposed crashed MH17.

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