ep9-Johnny Clues Live

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  1. JohnnyCluesJohnnyClues

    ShowNotes For Ep#9

    The Giver Movie Trailer


    Video Posted By Fakeologist Rgos ( fakeologist.com/forums/topic/m… )

    MH17 Crash Hoax Roommates of Victim It Doesn’t Seem Real

    Jungle Surfer Video on names

    Columbine 1999 – 9/11 2001
    Columbine Subliminal Pre Conditioning Quote?

    Visit Into TeamSpeak Fakeologist ChatRoom

    Iconic Eastbourne Pier is engulfed by flames as huge fire breaks out – UK

    Eastbourne Pier on fire

    Eastbourne pier fire clip 2

    Eastbourne Pier Fire Firetruck Video

    Firetruck gif

    Common Green Screen Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

    Boston Bombing – Carlos Gif (Cluesforum)

    Carlos Video

    Tay–Sachs disease

    The Black Saturdays – Stabbing The Whitehorse With A Yellowknife

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