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Audiochat for Aug 1, 2014

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PShea gets on with Ab, as well as PsyOpticon, KHammad.

Note that is a compilation of the entire day, so it may start and stop without notice. The audio quality comes and goes, so be patient.

Go to fakeologist.com… if you’d like to participate and learn more about this new type of communication that so far is working out quite well.

If you make a post or comment on fakeologist.com…, come drop an audio link with an explanation. Simply start talking in the LIVE STREAM, say the date and your name, and make a comment for as long as you like. This will form an audio blog of sorts, so for those that cannot make it to the blog on a daily basis, they can listen to contributions via this new innovative method.

Add this link to your favorite podcatcher fakeologist.com… and start listening to the fakeologist audio blog!


Hoaxbusters Fakery Chat 9/11

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Chris of hoaxbusterscall.com… does a wide ranging discussion with Markus Allen. This may be the most I’ve heard about 9/11 and media fakery on Chris’ calls.

The 9/11 window cleaner

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Another great vicsim profile by Critical Mass.

At 19:46 we see the story of Jan Demczur acted out. He’s the window washer who saved himself & 5 other men by hacking through a wall with a squeegee.

Here he is…
Here’s his squeegee handle at the September 11 museum
And here’s how the American Window Cleaner magazine covered the story…

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