Fake enhanced interrogation techniques

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Ro11o posts a video that reminded me of how disturbed I was years ago when I saw the 60 Minutes piece of the (ex)-CIA head of torture. Soon after I became a fakeologist, I have modified my horrified views of this animal and think there’s a good chance he’s just another in a long list of fear mongering actors used to scare the hell out of the enemy and, of course, the average American citizen.

While I don’t doubt there probably is some torture going on in some circles somewhere, I don’t believe it’s wholesale approved, just like I don’t believe drones are mowing down wedding parties in Pakistan and Yemen. I think just the media story alone has enough of an effect, as is the case with all psyOps.

Here’s another story that says this new “admission” of torture may jeopardize the whole 9/11 masterminds’ trials. Could this be a simple exit strategy to let these sims go back into the digital aether?

By torturing the five men now being tried in the 9/11 military commission, the CIA may have jeopardized the US government’s ability to seek the death penalty, and perhaps jeopardized the case entirely.

Liars talking to liars from the past:

George Tenet, SMOM, part of the elite that run this global mess.


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2 thoughts on “Fake enhanced interrogation techniques

  1. xileffilex

    “…in its secret prisons hotels…” Guantanamo – the biggest psy-op of the lot.
    Laughable really, but it keeps the complicit “human rights lawyers” busy.

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