Frozen milky way

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Science fiction or science fact?  Have they always tied Antarctica to space fiction?

I’d sooner understand an ancient language than this gobblygook.

I doubt 3 people in the world can understand this nonsense (other than today’s mystics, physicists).

Buried deep in the Antarctic ice, an observatory has spotted ghostly, nearly massless particles coming from inside our galaxy and points beyond the Milky Way.

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4 thoughts on “Frozen milky way

  1. ab Post author

    Fantastic stuff, smj. What becomes of physicists that believe none of this horseshit? Do they leave the trade? Is it possible to believe in all physics formulae save this load of crap? Any videos of them drilling down 8000 (Why not 9?) feet in Antarctica? What kind of boring technology can do this with freezing up? How do hydraulics work in the cold? What would the cost be? More than NASA’s budget I’d guess.

    1. annspinwall4


      Wow, you mentioned the drilling and what kind of boring technology and that reminded me of another mass media event….Saving Baby Jessica from the abandoned mining shaft, Midland, TX back in Oct 1987. I think this one was real, there was tons of coverage…but the thing I remembered was how hard it was to drill down 20 feet to get to her. The drills kept breaking and finally, the “new technology” of water drilling was tried and worked.

      My point is deep drilling through frozen tundra or hard rock isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

      Here is the link to the story and there has been recent followup because after she turned 25 she gained access to the trust fund that was set up. – original site with pictures and timeline… – update from 2011


  2. smj

    i made a post about this bullpsience somewhere on the interwebs. i can’t remember where though. it went something like this:

    before fermi landed that sweet gig in ci cago, he made his reputation on his beta decay theory. he gave a name to the handy (nearly) massless, chargeless, and half-spinning particles that made the equations work so well. he called them “neutrinos”………

    neutrinos were first predicted by pauli in order to save an equation or two we’re told. the narrative says he was conflicted…

    “i have done a terrible thing, i have postulated a particle that cannot be detected.”…

    no worries though, fermi saves the day with his theory of beta decay or the weak force. this is some very fundamental bullshit………

    …now you’re ready for a dip in the fermi sea. fermi threw some impressive maths at his fairy-tale, enjoy……

    fermi was so damned clever that everyone just knew that neutrinos had to exist but since they were damn near massless and chargeless there was no way we could ever discover (not see; we don’t see any of this shit) one.

    however, a couple of eager fellas set up a neutrino detector next to the savannah river nuclear plant and they discovered some of the rascals………

    some other eager fellas figured out that you could find neutrinos in particle accelerators: and wouldn’t ya know it, fermi-lab is knee-deep in the neutrino bullshit………

    we are told that neutrinos are also made in the sun, and that they are buzzing through us all the time. so in theory if you build a big enough detector you might catch one of these timid buggers interacting with some other theoretical bullshit.

    unfortunately, most of these detectors look like something out of a puff daddy video…

    so they had to come up with something more gangsta so they sent some belgian dude to the south pole to build some nonsense called “icecube”…………
    i listen to theoretical physicists for black goo and giggles sometimes. here’s some of the childlike academics that actually work for ice cube talking about their fairy-tale……

    …its just like summer camp we’re told.


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