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FCC-Uninstall media on Virginia Shooting Hoax

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KHA45-Canada Has Hoaxes Too

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K Ham Radio

August 27, 2015


Canada is Different from America

Ab joins K Ham for a discussion on how the Canadian government differs from the US government, but their hoaxes from these very different governments are pretty much the same. Seems like hoaxes have been a tool for governments who want things to change in a hurry for a long time. Never-the-less, we Americans have a lot to learn about Canada.



Social Security Death Index

In order to get access to the Social Security Death Index which the government calls the Death Master File, you have to fill out an application here: dmf.ntis.gov…

The new rule for looking up dead people is that you have to wait 3 years, unless you have a really really good reason and then promise not to tell anyone. How will this affect researchers?

adam ssdie


Can’t say hoax or HRDPAR or VN

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Regarding the Virginia TV Barbie live shooting hoax, John and Adam just can’t say the word hoax, hyper realistic drill portrayed as real, or virtual news. Keep dancing around it boys,  you can’t stay out of the fire forever. It’s just too obvious to ignore.

Undusted donuts

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Not everyone crawling out of the towers got the flour lady treatment. Some good finds in this video.

If you are new to this site, review the links up top.  9/11 and almost ALL major media events are HRDPAR exercises, using actors,  special effects, the military, and most importantly, the entire media complex.

Read,  review, converse with our audiochat.fakeologist.com… experts. We will help with your recovery once you realize for yourself the enormous elephant stomping around in your TV room.