Collapsing a water tower

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More insights into the world of digital deception.

You’ll have to get past the silly getup and setup to see the trick. Captain’s sign off is similar to Mark Sargent’s (be better to others than yourself) (coincidence?)

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3 thoughts on “Collapsing a water tower

  1. Carole Thomas

    Agree, Tom, there’s something off with this guy Got me googling magic and deception.. Delving deeper, I just came across the word “camoufleurs”. These were allegedly stage magicians in the employ of military intelligence that were involved in war trickery such as camouflaging of tanks.
    Here are a few links:……
    “Maskelyne’s book about his exploits, Magic: Top Secret, ghost-written, was published in 1949. Forbes describes it as lurid, with “extravagant claims of cities disappearing, armies re-locating, dummies proliferating (even submarines)—all as a result of his knowledge of the magic arts”. Further, Forbes notes, the biography of Maskelyne by David Fisher was “clearly under the wizard’s spell”.[9] In his book, Maskelyne claims his team produced[10]

    dummy men, dummy steel helmets, dummy guns by the ten thousand, dummy tanks, dummy shell flashes by the million, dummy aircraft…[10]”

    Substitute “sim” for “dummy”:-)

    1. Tom Dalpra

      ” Substitute “sim” for “dummy”:-) ”
      Quite, Carole.
      It’s been the way of War and the way of Peace for a long time, I reckon!

      I often say I think 9/11 was like a big David Copperfield magic trick.

  2. Tom Dalpra

    There’s something a bit creepy about this show.
    What’s with the unpleasant ‘rope’ injury on the ladies’ neck ?
    Further, why the glib, unpleasant suggestion of releasing an illness on the infants of a ( third World ? ) nation ?

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