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NEG5-We don’t need fakeologists

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Negantropic wants to program your day with this 8 hour opus (including a dull audiochat!). A good 9/11 discussion in the first half.


A few observations:

Neg, level the audio. Too many quiet and loud moments. Lower the audio level of your (audio) beds. Some beds are also annoying and detract from your narrative.

Neg also accuses me of using the Anglo American empire as the nutwork. He says I world use the Judeo Masonic cabal.


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Supermoon Total Lunar Eclipse and Lightning Storm

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From NASA’s site – is it real or Adobe? This one has stars…anyone recognize any constellations? I report, you decide.

What’s more rare than a supermoon total lunar eclipse? How about a supermoon total lunar eclipse over a lightning storm. Such an electrifying sequence was captured yesterday from Ibiza, an island in southeastern Spain. After planning the location for beauty, and the timing to capture the entire eclipse sequence, the only thing that had to cooperate for this astrophotographer to capture a memorable eclipse sequence was the weather. What looked to be a bother on the horizon, though, turned out to be a blessing. The composite picture features over 200 digitally combined images from the same location over the course of a night. The full moon is seen setting as it faded to red in Earth’s shadow and then returned to normal. The fortuitous lightning is seen reflected in the Mediterranean to the right of the 400-meter tall rocky island of Es Vedra. Although the next total eclipse of a large and bright supermoon will occur in 2033, the next total eclipse of any full moon will occur in January 2018 and be best visible from eastern Asia and Australia.

Source: APOD: 2015 September 29 – Supermoon Total Lunar Eclipse and Lightning Storm

Audiochat-VW media event and Dr. Diesel

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Who?Ab, Psyopticon, Rollo, Lumberjack Greg,


<18:56:48> “Rollo”: ab is around for a couple of hours he said
<18:57:03> “Rollo”: jump on the mic
<18:57:52> “Videre”s Phone”: I am at work.  Leaving in a few min
<18:58:00> “Rollo”: ok
<18:58:11> “Videre”s Phone”: I will be able to talk then
<18:59:31> “Rollo”: awesome..its been to long
<19:01:07> “videre”: yes
<19:40:41> “psyopticon”: archive.moe/r9k/thread/22785073/…
<20:40:34> “psyopticon”: en.wikipedia.org…
<20:44:45> “psyopticon”: www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/columnists/christopherbooker/9399656/Farmers-to-fight-a-6bn-asbestos-scam.html