Memories of New Orleans

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Man is good at exacerbating and even creating an otherwise bad natural phenomena. Psyops are always about fear and money, sometimes in the reverse order. A dam can be a great tool to harness power, but it can also be used as a weapon to clear land and people.

Sift through this guys videos. I found his channel via his questioning of the ball earth. Even if you are tired of flat earth cheap talk, sometimes you’ll find those that question the NASA lies and then the nature of the earth tend to question everything else, like this person.

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4 thoughts on “Memories of New Orleans

  1. annspinwall4


    I really enjoyed this guys video and watched some more on his channel. He isn’t talking about New Orleans. He and his family are in India and were there during the terrible flooding in Chennai this past week.
    Here is a link from The Washington Post…
    Hope you are doing well,

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