1 thought on “Anti Castro pigeons

  1. NemesisNemesis

    Some of the Castro assassination attempts sounded like something straight out of a James Bond script..

    ‘In March 1960 author Ian Fleming met John F. Kennedy at a dinner through a mutual friend where he proposed several schemes to discredit Castro.’

    ‘The Central Intelligence Agency devised 33 different plans, ranging from attacking Cuba’s sugar crops with biological weapons to hiring Mafia hit men. Its Technical Services experts made pens to inject Castro with poison, a toxic wet suit intended as a lethal gift — everything but a nuclear-tipped cigar. ‘

    Best one – ‘Plans to discredit Castro in the eyes of the Cuban public included contaminating his clothing with thallium salts that would make his trademark beard fall out and spraying a broadcasting studio with hallucinogens before a televised speech.’


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