Daily Archives: February 13, 2016

JS watches the Zapruder movie

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Another one of the few voices that agrees the JFK assassination was an original hoax – one of the biggest ever to fool the world.

Jungle should mention my video if he’s feeling neglected and wants to promote like minded people.

Turd in the psyOp punch bowl

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This podcast was so promising, until they dropped the aliens turd in the punch bowl and effectively spoiled the whole broth.

I thought this would be a “legitimate” podcast that I could pass on to non-fakeologists.

False flag operations analyzed as a distinctively modern phenomena, post WWI; the planet being stolen by a transnational corporate financial class; ideological false flags including religions and nationalism; the propaganda spectrum including cultural values, educational system and news media; a war of corporate cultural control and imposition of a global police state; US Psychological Operations Manual; white, grey and black PSYOPs; regime change and color revolutions; NGOs; characteristics of a false flag

Source: Guns and Butter – January 20, 2016 | KPFA

Ill Bill or kill Bill?

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I don’t think Bill is under mind control, but I do think he’s ill (Parkinson’s perhaps?) Some theorists believe they will “kill” Bill (ie. remove him from the public) – in order to boost Hillary.

I don’t anything will help Hillary at this point, but anything appears to be possible in this most entertaining presidential selection charade.