Another layer of the onion?

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Lamestream media fighting back? PK may be harsh, and Russianvids may have the odd straw man in his repertoire, but I still think they’re doing more good than harm.

If they weren’t making waves, who else would get the MSM media’s attention?

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1 thought on “Another layer of the onion?

  1. Tom DalpraTom Dalpra

    ”Another layer of the onion?”
    – well of course there is. There invariably is where the mainstream media are concerned, isn’t there ? Especially in these fields. To believe all of a sudden that this is a ‘real’ story in any way, would seem funny considering this is a site concerned with exposing the MSM for all their bullshit.

    ”If they weren’t making waves, who else would get the MSM media’s attention?”
    – Important perspective tweek needed here, I think – remember, the MSM chooses to promote who it wants.

    If any of these guys was seen as truly ‘dangerous’ , do you think for a second the spooks that control this stuff would give them a plug on ABC ? I mean ABC !? And it is a kind of plug.

    The question here should not be , ”Are they bullies? ” or ” Is the media running scared?” but ” Why are the MSM media choosing to promote Peekay and Russianvids ? ”

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