Daily Archives: December 3, 2016

Questioning nukes

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Good podcaster (who is The Dude anyway?) questioning nuclear bombs. His acceptance of the psience and nuclear power doesn’t follow logic, but I do enjoy some of his other podcasts. 

Some question the existence of atomic bombs. They say its nothing more than TNT silos being detonated and claimed to be fueled by fission reactions due to volatile elements being crushed. In this episode, we examine the evidence of these claims. Enjoy.

3:30 house explosion

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3:30 is such a dangerous time to be, well, alive.

While waiting for her three children to come home from school, a woman was somehow able to climb out of the rubble after a massive explosion destroyed her house on Tuesday afternoon. Homeowner Denise Kunisch told police that a few minutes before 3:30 p.m. on Nov. 22, she arrived at her house at 91 Walling Road in Pine Island, let out her dog, and then noticed an odor she described as a rotten egg, sulfur smell in her house, according to Lt. Thomas Maslanka.

Source: Woman escapes house explosion in Pine Island | Warwick Greenwood Lake NY | Local News