Daily Archives: December 10, 2016

Outing Max

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I’m not sure who’s side Miles is on  these days, but he appears to be targeting some of the mainstream truthers.


Strangely enough, I started questioning Timothy Maxwell Keiser’s bio from the direction of Stacy Herbert. I used to like both of them, since they are admittedly funny together. They put together a good show. But I finally figured out it is just that: a show. A project. I have known that for a couple of years, since I could see they were diverting us from the real history. Like Dave McGowan and Mae Brussell and many others, they were questioning minor parts of the script, but accepting the main line as true. But until now I didn’t understand exactly what they were up to, or where they came from.

Coincidentally, @adamcurry just mentioned that he recently visited with M&S. Coincidence?


Humble revisits 9/11

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Humble should have called me or our fakeologist.com… instead of gatekeeper Syrett (who thinks we went to the moon even before 1969). Start at 1:05. Humble even mentions September  Clues

Richard Syrett returns to deal with Humble’s angst over 911 / Fred has backed off facebook / Humble’s new facebook pic / Broadcasting deaths / Rich Murray of Richtoons brings more colouring books / Drunk vs. stoned.