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CCR38 – Crrow on satellites 

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Satellites are in everyone’s mind these days. 

Space, Earth, Satellites, Planets, Sun and Moon – all Misdescribed You have been denied the basic knowledge of where it is you exist in the scheme of things. This is intentional and was implemented using false information about the sun, moon, planets, space and our world. Space agencies exist to ensure you know nothing about what is above the blue sky you can see. Nothing goes above what we call low earth orbit to include machines. The moon has never been walked on and likely cannot be walked on

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Zach on 9/11 and Flat earth 

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Zach apparently started out his truth journey with 9/11. He’s convinced flat earth is a dba psyop. He says Russianvids is a gatekeeper. I still enjoy both their work. Just the sheer volume of it is impressive, or deceptive? 

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Fake heckle 

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Is the political stage show just being kicked up a notch? Is T-Rump a fakeology killer? 

How do we explain THIS to non fakeologists? 


Whether or not John Lennon wrote his own music, its power is undeniable. 


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Their weapon is deception

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Glad the dead celebrity program DCP is catching on. On first glance, the Lady Di/David Furnish seems like LALA land unnecessary misdirection to a good idea, but I’ll have to see more on this.

I never heard the Prince sister story before either. That would be once again in your face deception.

I’ve always said there’s no need for storing these DCP’s in Bermuda/St Barts or other Crown island. They’re probably right where you’d least expect them – in front of us, hidden by your own incredulity.

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