FAK159-Unreal on EGI

Caryswillardel sushi de la manchalike this

When? Monday, Feb 20, 2017
Who? Unreal, Ab
What? egi.fakeologist.com…

The audio was crackly at the beginning. Apparently an app was hogging resources and interrupted the sound.

Howard Stern‘s daughter “Emily” (Emile)



5 thoughts on “FAK159-Unreal on EGI

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  2. CarysCarys

    Enjoyed this calm, engaging and respectful exchange on a rather difficult topic. Thanks, both, for viewing this from several different angles and sharing some helpful insights.

  3. Henkus

    I (also) thought for years (?) that ‘lady’ gaga was a dude.
    Makes me think how long it has been exactly and how much influence this persona has without my knowledge..
    Not like I know anything about this persona but yeah.. looks like a dude.

    Great podcast.

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