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Join Brian and I at 2030h EDT on fakeologist.com…

Brian is back and has some breaking (bad) news.

To talk to Brian, go to bit.ly… and wait in the https://discord.gg/PztTgDn link here.


[8:54 PM] Fakeologist: www.therealnewsonline.com…
The Real News Online.com…
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_ Brian S Staveley is the Creator of The Real News Online.Com… and The Dose Of Reality Radio Show . Brian starting doing research on September 24th 2010…

[8:55 PM] Fakeologist: www.therealnewsonline.com…
The Real News Online.com…
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[9:26 PM] Fakeologist: www.youtube.com…
Jesse Spots
B.o.B. Flatline featuring NDGT – Flat Earth


[9:27 PM] Brian S Staveley: I’m back. Love this part
[9:28 PM] Brian S Staveley: Love This part too
[9:28 PM] Brian S Staveley: Lol
[9:46 PM] Fakeologist: www.facebook.com…
[9:47 PM] Fakeologist: Thanks @Brian S Staveley great hangs!
[9:48 PM] Brian S Staveley: Thabk u
[9:48 PM] Brian S Staveley: Good.time
[9:48 PM] Fakeologist: and good audio! no smoke alarms!

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2 thoughts on “FAK171-BrianSStaveley

  1. John le BonJohn le Bon

    I have heard about Brian Staveley many times but this was the first chat I have listened to which actually involved him. It was a good listen. Now I will have to go and see if I can find his back-catalogue. Especially anything pre-Flat Earth, since he seems to be suffering from that particular mind virus rather seriously. The prognosis is not good. Then again, nobody is perfect.

  2. willardwillard

    Brian’s cogent speaking style and polite manner are like a breath of fresh air to this fakeologist. I hope he returns for future chats.

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