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Israel Built A 9/11 Memorial Out Of Ground Zero Wreckage

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From the American outpost in the middle east comes this:

A powerful memorial from a powerful ally.

Source: Israel Built A 9/11 Memorial Out Of Ground Zero Wreckage – You Have To See it
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Calling eugenicist Bill Gates 

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British colony Uganda gets its share of hoax stories too. 

The Ugandan woman has 38 children, including four sets of triplets, three sets of quadruplets and numerous twins.

39-year-old woman has a whopping 38 children!

Video is full of messaging… this actress can deliver her lines. 

Why are all hangings assumed suicide? 

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Doesn’t anyone ever commit murder by hanging? 

It’s amusing that the hoaxsters never leave this possibility open in their script writing.

It would make more sense than hanging during erotic masturbation, but that isn’t as sexy a story. 

Cornell death hoax continues 

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Learn how to kill yourself in room 1136 (9/11) with these easy to understand pictures. 

If anyone still believes that this was anything other than a staged event then they are sadly mistaken. 

New details released by Detroit officials Tuesday under the Freedom of Information Act shed additional light on what happened the night rock star Chris Cornell hanged himself inside Room 1136 of the MGM Grand Casino Hotel.


Hawking a hoax

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At 1:35:33, @adamcurry actually questions  Stephen Hawking and calls it a hoax. Another leak in the gatekeeping. 

Great story on data roaming in Europe as well. 
* Duration: 2:45h, Played: 1:35h

AC-Delcroix, Napoleon, Notsofreemason, SMJ, Uninstall

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Notsofreemason breaks down the Pulse Nightclub hoax.