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Radio’s biggest 9/11 liar 

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No real military man would gloat about killing a human being, even a mythical one. 

I once enjoyed Stern. Now my skin crawls. 

Former Navy SEAL Robert O’Neill Recalls the Night He Killed Osama bin Laden

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Welcome to Astana! 

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Bayterek.jpgBorat was the misdirection and this iconic call with a brilliant (Canadian) professor will set you straight on how the capital city of Khazekistan is being built with myths in mind to shape the world.

Listen at 2:07:00 to learn of the origin of the Illuminati and how they were nothing more than operation wall street type protest led by a university professor and his students. 

Frank Albo is a Canadian architectural historian and writer. He is the academic inspiration behind The Hermetic Code (2007) and the author of Astana: Architecture, Myth, and Destiny (2017). Albo is currently an Adjunct Professor of History at the University of Winnipeg where he specializes in architecture, Freemasonry, and the Western esoteric tradition. Topics Discussed: Expo 2017, Great Exhibition of 1851, Myth Making, Invented Tradition, Freemasonic Symbolism, The American Monomyth Book by RAstana Architecture 01.jpg

Astana: Masonic Capital of Eurasia? – henrymakow.com

Via www.lonelyplanet.com/kazakhsta…

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