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A few stats

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I promised @JLB I’d post a few stats.

Here’s July’s numbers – not as many hits and partial plays as I’ve seen in the past. We need more people uploading clips to Youtube with links. Feel free.

Again, I don’t know you’re a listener until you email me or for a subscription – as low as $1.19/month!

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Alchemical Hustle

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I’ve clipped a large part of the latest fakeologist discord chat channel, alchemical hustle.

Remember we do have forums here fakeologist.com…, but I’m happy all the areas of the site are being utilized. We have something for everyone here. Continue reading

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AC0340-Napoleon, Delcroix, Kham, SMJ

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More combative flat earth debate, K tells what she’d do to get out of a big ticket. Can Sean get K to let go of the Ball, or get her to comprehend the gravity fraud?

K admits she was just “saying stuff” without evidence before when confronted by SMJ.

Tune in! Join our all new @SMJ inspired alchemy hustle channel!

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