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Even Sheen can’t watch it

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Hopefully no one else will show up to see this horrible dreck either. 

9/11 Skeptic Charlie Sheen a No-Show at Premiere of New World Trade Center Film…

AC0353-Napoleon, John Le Bon

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Discussing the big fight. JLB announces his sabbatical until 11/21.

AC0352-Harryell,Ab,Napoleon,John Le Bon.mp3

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We talk about some marches in Melbourne.

It rains solid diamonds on Uranus and Neptune

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Cosmos really is science fiction. I still think the naming of the wandering light in the sky “your anus” is one of the most crude Masonic inside joke there is from space tales. 

Consider this your daily reminder that the solar system is even more awesomely bonkers than you realized: On Uranus and Neptune, scientists forecast rain storms of solid diamonds.…

DNA is a hoax 

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DNA is simply digital blood testing. There is no double helix, no RNA, no way to narrow down who you are by spitting into a cup. I doubt chromosomes exist too, in reality, our micro world is as fictive as our macro outer space world. You’re looking at made up art and science fiction concepts.

The 23 and me and ancestry tests are also pure fiction. The application simply gives them enough info to fit you in their massive family tree,which is full of countries and ethnicities for them to tell you about.

Here’s a clip from… trashing the tests, helping prove a larger lie.