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    1. ab Post author

      If anyone wants to put keywords into each audiochat, especially the participants, please do. Without a description the chats can be overlooked.

      1. Terran DownvaleTerran Downvale

        Sorry, I know this may not seem like it’s related to Charlottesville but it is. This is all part of the PLANNED FALLOUT from that event. I just want someone else to see what they’re doing here. Anyone?

        From my latest post here;


        I really dunno what to say. I’m REALLY trying here!

        Just in case “killing” isn’t precise enough wording for you, we have the latest Steve Bannon headline:

        Steve Bannon fired a warning shot on his way out of the White House

        Which is clearly unrelated to this one, right?

        Anti-Donald Trump campaigner ‘shoots Republican neighbour twice in the head’

        See my previous two posts on this. At this point, it seems they’re just making sure that everyone who’s ever gonna get it, gets it. The media is literally a JOKE. Get it yet?



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