No investigation because there was no crime: CNN’s JonBenét Ramsey Story

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I agree with Mark here, again. I also agree that Dave McGowan was a limited hangout – a good one.

I also think CNN quickly morphed into a psyOp/hoax crime storytelling network, especially in the evening, starring Larry King. I know it had me fooled for years.

One of the most sensational murder cases of last century concerned six-year old girl JonBenét Ramsey, found dead in the family basement in Boulder, Colorado on December 25th, 1996. Coming as it did on the heels of the OJ Simpson trial, it served to capture the public’s attention for several years. Just last week (originally written 11/2016) a local station was revisiting the crime here in the Denver radio market.

Source: Is JonBenét Ramsey now a Fox News Anchor? | Piece of Mindful

I’m not sure exactly how/who they simulated JonBenet with. I don’t remember/care enough about the footage they showed us to make a judgement.


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1 thought on “No investigation because there was no crime: CNN’s JonBenét Ramsey Story

  1. xileffilex

    Seems like Mark will be looking at the Madeleine McCann psy-op next, which has been covered here…
    Good Psyopticon audio……

    Two further developments….the BBC has only in the past week decided to shut down, after 33 years, the Crimewatch programme which survived on a diet of simulated events, a third of a millennium of tail chasing and rabbit hole diving, with the aim of keeping police and legal employment and budgets secure.…
    The programme, which asks viewers for help to track down criminals..
    A whole McCann industry was manufactured by the BBC and the rest of the media, and which will run and run…

    £11m spent, another £0.154m just announced Sept 28 2017…
    I think we know who the real criminals are.

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