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Nuclear weapons are psychological devices – not radiation devices. Stress can and will kill you long term.

If you beLIEve a WHO study, they tell you the truth about what the sim-weapon is all about.

Psychological fears also show up after radiation accidents. Reporting on the impact of the catastrophic 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster 20 years later, the World Health Organization found more psychological than physical fallout among the local population. “Persistent myths and misperceptions about the threat of radiation have resulted in ‘paralyzing fatalism’ among residents of affected areas,” the report said.

“When there is a chronic elevation of stress, hormones can even kill brain cells, particularly in the hippocampus.”

Source: How to cope with fears of a nuclear disaster – CNN

FAC394-Napoleon, John Adams, Justsayindude, Misom

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Discussing culture and music.

Also Mahatma Coat, Notsofreemason, Anounceofsalt, Wantruth4now


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A look into a small piece of the psyOP hoax construction mechanics.

The following comment is by Jack33, a commenter brought here long ago by our friend Annette. He has given me permission to reprint it. Jack33 linked me to the Cleburne Times Review, an annoying pop-up infested newspaper that quickly insists on subscription to access its branded tripe, warning that we are given only five clicks before before the wall goes up. Use your clicks wisely! We don’t want to miss it if the Times Review accidentally prints something true or, God forbid, insightful. (I would like to

Source: Hearses fall like manna from heaven – Piece of Mindful

How to build a pyramid

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Unreal examines how one might have built a pyramid, different from the official narrative.

Egypt is a very important chapter in the official narrative of the history of the world as we know it today. The quantity of artefacts is as impressive as the number of theories surrounding each discovery. And the alternative historians and occasionally conspiracy theorists also heavily contribute in the myth of a country that never really mattered internationally but that more so live on its glorious past that seems very hard to actually find once you start looking.

Source: all unreal | A Pyramid the Army did -solid soldier work


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Gaia and Justsayindude discuss evolution Gaia and JLB discuss dinosaurs and belief systems

FAC392-SMJ on evolution

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Starring Napoleon Wilson, SMJ, KHam, Misom, Gaia

Much talk about models and dinosaurs. Can the ladies convince Gaia? Misom may be the right antidote.


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I grabbed another audiochat and made it into an episode.

Velocet is from Sydney, Australia, and has a great audio setup. Enjoy listening to a younger fakeologist!

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Hoax of a hoax

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The onion is thick.

As it happened, I ran across a compelling “confession” by Stanley Kubrick to having faked the moon landing, which I knew he had done and therefore found highly plausible. It turned out to be a cleverly staged piece of fakery, where the man conducting the interview is also the director, offering him instructions as to how to respond to questions he is asking in order to convey the intended impression of this actually being Stanley Kubrick actually confessing to having faked the moon landing, when it’s an actor who is simply playing a role. I sent the original out to a large list of correspondents, which I had to retract when I discovered that I had been played by a hoax about a hoax?

Source: JAMES FETZER: Moon Landing Hoax: Why the faked Kubrick Confession matters

Faces of Death – VHS Revolution

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Does this mean they didn’t kill the monkey?

I came up with the idea to intersperse
real film footage with re-enacted
footage and to make the reenacted
footage so realistic that there was no
way for the viewer to separate reality
from what they were producing as
nonfiction from fiction
faces of death pose the question of
ethics and capitalism when I was doing
faces therefore I wanted to make it as
grim and disgusting as horrifying as
possible now I mean is there an element
of like morality involved and so forth
none zero it would have been great if I
was the kind of guy he said I can’t go
forth with this project because it’s
it’s just defiling me as a human being I
wasn’t that guy I was the perfect guy
for the job

h/t John Adams


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It’s another big one as fakeologists show they love to talk.

Starring KHam, John Adams, Ab, Napoleon Wilson, Phil Blanks, Notsofreemason, Anounceofsalt Gaia, Soundwave40, Misom, Heycitizen