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Proof that Dallas Goldbug is influencing the psyops

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Did Texas Church Shooter, Devin Kelley, Have His Ears Surgically Removed?

I didn’t hear anything about it, if he did.(npi)-Chris

Via hoaxbusterscall.blogspot.ca/20…

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I like discord but…

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The dangers of a central server… we may go back to my own private TeamSpeak if we get classified with the scarlet H.

Now, thanks to that growing community and ease of use, Discord has found favor with an unintended and inflammatory audience: the alt-right, the online movement of hardcore trolls, white nationalists, and neo-Nazis that has dominated discussion of internet life in the Trump era.


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Vegas: Vicsim psyOp

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Interesting researcher over at fetzer’s place.

If by now you are not asking questions about the Las Vegas shooting it is clear the masters that own you have done a great job at the PSYOP they continue to perpetrate on you and most Americans.  The entire aftermath of events demonstrate that if the police, FBI, and MSM were telling the truth, there would not be all the confusion. To clarify:

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