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  1. xileffilex

    I found this gem on the rubric for the somewhat sleepy/niche Wild Heretic forum [although it has some good subject compartments]
    No “Truegroup” ** (defender of anything space/earth related) or “winegums” (defender of vaccinations on the David Icke forum) types please. These are solid defenders of the faith and either have an inordinate amount of time on their hands or are paid to shill.

    And if they merely have an inordinate amount of [unpaid] time, why oh why is it always spent propping up the official narrative on everything?
    ** please check out!

    Anyone got any experience of WH?

  2. Bob Czz

    Instead of having John Le Bon’s Delusional SHILL nonsense and wasting everyone’s time with his psychotic ramblings. Why don’t you talk about other BIG conspiracies? I think I even heard John Le Bon say there is no conspiracies. I could be wrong because I listen to this as I am falling asleep. Here are a couple little articles that I have written and can be explored.

    1.Most of you DON’T GET IT. We have NEVER voted anyone into office. There is NO republicans, democrats or any other party, its ALL an ILLUSION. The government doesn’t work like you have been taught and told. ALL the presidents and world leaders are NOTHING more than ACTORS. You have a group of unknown people that run the world. These presidents and world leaders are reading and playing out a script that is written for them. We ALWAYS have been led by a DICTATORSHIP of this group of people who run the world. There is NO democracy, there is no voting, there is no CHOICE. ALL that is one BIG ILLUSION.

    2.Schools are NOTHING more than propaganda, brainwashing and lies. That’s why we start school at an early age. To get to the mind before the mind can think for itself. We are not taught to think for ourselves , we are taught to regurgitate everything that is told to us. 99.99% of what we are taught and told is a LIE. From our history and where we came from to EVERYTHING about our planet and space. EVERYTHING that we are taught about how goverments work, and how laws and regulations are created is a LIE. We are taught pseudoscience is real science that is based off false evidence and fabricated evidence. Even the TV shows and movies you watch are programming the mind into these lies. That’s why TV shows are called PROGRAMS. The news you watch, the newspapers, magazines and books you read are programming the mind. There are a very few books that tell the TRUTH, if they tell the TRUTH they are not pushed by the machine is what I like to call it. The Masons control EVERYTHING, they are in ALL positions of power, right down to your local Chief of police, your Mayors and Governors. ALL the Presidents and leaders of other countries that you see and hear about are NOTHING but ACTORS. They have no power whatsoever, they are just acting out a role that is scripted, fictitious and fabricated. This machine has millions of disinformation agents working for it. From Rush Limbaugh to George Noory to Alex Jones, Jeff Rense and all the other so called alternative media. It even has millions of disinformation agents who run sites such as this one on Facebook and YouTube. We go to school for a minimum of 12 years, more if you go to college. That’s a LONG time to beat lies into your head. Why do you think we wear the cap (mortar board) and gown (secret societies) when we graduate high school or college? it’s a celebration that we have been brainwashed and indoctrinated into their LIES!! But, the TRUTH is coming out and there is nothing they can do because of the digital age. Before it was just Radio, TV, newspapers, magazines and books. Nobody had a voice they only could watch and listen. But, now we have a voice 🙂 And the TRUTH is spreading like wildfire.

  3. gaiagaia

    “If the government/’TPTB’ are ‘evil’ (due, for instance, to promoting vaccines), then what is your judgement of the parents who allow their children to be vaccinated?
    I suggest that the parents are (or ought to be considered) far more responsible for their own children than ‘the government’ (or any actor there within).
    If you retort, ‘oh, but the parents don’t know any better, they think they are doing the right thing’, then I agree with you — and I also point out that the exact same line of defence can be used to defend the government/TPTB.”

    John, the definition of “evil” would be “doing something harmful to others [murder, lying, putting poison in stuff] while knowing it is harmful”. So the key word is conscience.
    The parents do not know the stuff is harmful, so they cannot be called evil. The people developing these vaccines know they put poison in it and sell it as good. Snake oil sellers. The people promoting this work with them for financial profits or control. Some of them may really believe that vaccines are good, they would not be evil, just stupid. Others are evil, because they know what they are doing. Consciously deceiving people is evil.

    1. gaiagaia

      And taking animals as an example shows you don’t understand the conscience part. Animals are not conscious; they cannot reflect upon their choices, they cannot choose their actions, yet follow instinct, so calling a lion evil for eating a zebra is a non sequitur. Or a strawman, take your pick.

      1. John le BonJohn le Bon

        Animals are not conscious; they cannot reflect upon their choices, they cannot choose their actions, yet follow instinct

        What makes you certain that all of the creatures we call ‘humans’ are so different?

        1. gaiagaia

          Apparently people have learning capabilities, that can make them choose to change choices. People have awoken. If you postulate humans are just animals (which we are, but not just), that would mean nobody ever has awoken. Now, I am not saying that you say this, you ask a question, but that people can reflect on their own choices and actions is evident.

                1. gaiagaia

                  “Apparently people have learning capabilities, that can make them choose to change choices. People have awoken.” = changed their choices.

                  People have stopped watching TV. People can choose. People have stopped eating meat. People have changed their diets. People have started to learn other languages. People have ostracized malevolent forces from their lives.

                  I don’t know how much more evidence you want to see, I think the message is clear.

                    1. gaiagaia

                      A) that depends on someone’s own experience. I know many people who stopped watching tv. Some of them awoke, others replaced it with internet bullcrap that is equally bad. Everyone is different.
                      B) people make other choices than stopping to watch tv. So obviously, from learning from our environment (either local or traveling) we see people making choices all the time.

                      Is your view people are instinctive and do not make conscious choices?

    2. John le BonJohn le Bon

      the definition of “evil” would be “doing something harmful to others [murder, lying, putting poison in stuff] while knowing it is harmful”

      Whose definition is that? And why are they the authority on morality?

      Consciously deceiving people is evil.

      Is a magician ‘evil’?

      1. gaiagaia

        That is my definition. You don’t have to follow it. But within my definition, there is no way to call both the vaccine developers evil AND the parents evil (and your position seems to be that you think that even the parents are more evil/responsible).

        SMJ was right in this aspect; the parents are stupid, not evil.

      2. gaiagaia

        People who come to a magician’s show know it is not real.
        People who put vaccines in their kids don’t know it is harmful.

        Now, can they know that? No, not even. I myself am not convinced vaccines are bad. They may work against diseases, I don’t know. Both sides of the discussion have their interests too.

        1. John le BonJohn le Bon

          People who come to a magician’s show know it is not real.

          When I watch the ‘news’ I know it is not real.

          By the way, does the news ever state explicitly that ‘what you are about to see is factual’?

          Not so far as I have seen.

          Those who believe the news are doing so of their own accord…

          …assuming, of course, that they possess at least some ability to think.

          People who put vaccines in their kids don’t know it is harmful.

          Do they not have a duty of care to study the facts before allowing these chemicals to be injected into their children?

          If not, they does anybody have a duty of care to the children?

          1. gaiagaia

            There may be a case of semantics there. “Based on a true story”, “what we see here…” as comment of the news presenter along a video, so many more wordings that are used, those are all tricks to portray the idea that the news is factual.

            If you ask “does the news have a stamp in their material that says ‘this is factual’ “, no, of course not. But the alternative wordings used do propagate that same idea.

            Every parent chooses their own duties. Who are you, or who am I to define/decide for them their duties?

            And then still, a lot of the alternative narrative is obviously false. “NaturalNews” is a snake pit of bullshit, mixed with some good observations.

            How do you even know that vaccines are bad?

            1. John le BonJohn le Bon

              My question was: “does the news ever state explicitly that ‘what you are about to see is factual’?”

              It seems you agree that they do not. It may be implied, but it is not explicit. Same as a magic show, except that a higher percentage of the typical magic show are aware it is all a ruse.

              Every parent chooses their own duties. Who are you, or who am I to define/decide for them their duties?

              By the same logic, who are you to define the duties of the people who run the show? Who are you to say it is wrong to turn the masses into a moronic heap of docile and medicated epsilons?

              Are vaccines ‘bad’? I don’t know. I wouldn’t personally allow them to be injected into any children for which I were responsible unless and until I could verify that they were safe (i.e. long-term double-blind tests).

              1. gaiagaia

                “It seems you agree that they do not. It may be implied, but it is not explicit. Same as a magic show, except that a higher percentage of the typical magic show are aware it is all a ruse.”

                You are a clever man. So you see (reflect) what you did? You ask a question of something you know the answer is “no” to. By using the terminology “explicitly” and “factual” you have restricted the options. Implying something can be just as bad as saying it.

                It’s not about the “duties” of the Elites. They apparently chose to consciously spread lies, manipulate people, and even punish people who disagree (putting people in cages who stop paying taxes, close down YT accounts, etc.). I didn’t ask for that. I am not saying they have a “duty” to speak the truth. I am just observing they don’t and do so consciously and I call that evil. You disagree, that is fine. But the comparison with the parents is not right, because of the conscious part.

                John, in your own shows you do well. In a group with other sharp thinkers who may disagree with you, you don’t. You tend to dominate and hairsplit and even use fallacies around. That is not an “ad hominem”, that would be an excuse not to reflect on yourself, it is an observation and I am sure I am not the only one. Appeal to group authority? Maybe. But do something about it, it doesn’t make you a more pleasant person.

  4. Bob Czz

    I found some interesting stuff on John the shill Le bon.
    I notice that the Australian disinfo-shill ‘John Le Bon’ has made the video I posted above private & set it aside from his main channel so he cannot be identified from it…



    Why would the Australian disinfo-shill John Le Bon do that if he is NOT a member of a family of Australian disinfo-shills, as I claimed?

    Only guilty parties tamper with evidence so blatantly – that is axiomatic!

    Here is his shill self again, wasting your time with yet more pointless garbage:


    Please compare him to the other Australian disinfo-shills & note the family resemblance:




    Here is the channel of one of John Le Bon’s sock-puppets, the equally tl;dr & time-wasting Australian disinfo-entity ‘Lesta nediam’:


    And here is the ‘comments section’ on his ‘groundbreaking video expose’ of Tesla from his website:


    Please note that in over 80 fake, sock-puppeted ‘comments’, not ONE serious mention is made of Tesla’s works or theories; it is all gossip-rag bullshit, eventually devolving into a tiresome debate over whether Tesla was an anti-semite or not…

    John Le Bon is a massive time-waster, obvious shill & very bad liar indeed; moreover, like all shills he will NEVER provide the necessary scientific & philosophical tools necessary to see the Truth.

    Tools like Inductive/Deductive Logic & the Laws of Thermodynamics, for example; tools you will find here on this forum should you wish to look.
    Here is the disgusting Victorian science-fraud that ‘John le Bon’ based his fraudulent name on:


    Here is the disgusting book written by said disgusting Victorian science-fraud:


    As proof, here is the name ‘John Le Bon’ chose to use whilst spamming ‘cluesforum’ with his witless, empty disinfo-garbage:


    ‘John bin Gustave’; yeah, real classy!

    I think we’re done with this obvious shill from a family of obvious shills now…

    The 100’s of sock-puppets he employs to sow confusion & division in the comments section of his youtubes & website (as an exercise in the manipulation of crowd psychology, of course) may believe he has a shred of credibility left; nobody sane will though.

    Like Miles W Mathis & Simon Shack before him, he is not half as smart as he thinks he is, & is thus thoroughly & utterly BUSTED.

    1. John le BonJohn le Bon

      So the sum total of your ‘evidence’ that I am a ‘paid shill’ is that I set one of my YouTube videos to private.

      Well done, you certainly cracked this case. Looks like the CIA will have to put me on ice.

      Wait til the ‘truth movement’ finds out that I have set many of my YT videos to private and that they are now only available to members of my website. All hell may break loose.

      As an aisde, what is the longest you have gone without smoking teh herbs in the past, say, twelve months? I don’t expect you to answer me publicly; I wonder if you have the self-respect to answer this question honestly in your own mind.


  5. Bob Czz

    I almost cant stand to listen to that OBVIUOUS PAID SHILL John Le Bon. Saying paid shills don’t exist and anyone who thinks they do is delusional…LOL But the next words out of his mouth is he doesn’t believe we went to the Moon…LOL That is what we are TAUGHT in school, its in our school books. So, SOME SHILL or SHILLS got paid to write that crap. And other shills get paid to try and keep that lie going. To this day NASA SHILLS promote we went to the moon and we even have an ISS orbiting the earth. WORDS like this ONLY come out of PAID SHILLS mouths. John, you are such a FAKE and a FRAUD. Why don’t you take a much longer vacation next time. Permanently would be fine with me.

  6. xileffilex

    So glad I wasn’t having to pay for that “content”.
    “Have we established anything?”
    I learnt jack shit.
    “Ignorance is bliss” Certainly is, Napoleon. I’ll go with that and stay happy, occasionally checking under my bed for paid shills who certainly exist but who won’t find FAC390 too worrying.

  7. John le BonJohn le Bon

    Well I stayed up far too late.

    Learned one or two things from this chat, and was reminded of a few things I had somehow forgotten.

    I do think it may be detrimental to the individual to believe that people have been sent to spy on or otherwise maliciously interfere with his or her attempts to learn the ‘truth’.

    By ‘detrimental’ I mean with regards to mental state and spirit. This typically means a flow on or simultaneous effect to body as well (which can then snowball).

    We may bemoan the inability of our peers to reconsider their belief in moon landings, ICBMs, nukes, and so forth, but are we able to reconsider our own beliefs in things like ‘paid shills’?

    ‘Paid shills’ are simply the boogeymen of the alternative/conspiracy/truth realm. The bad guy. The fall guy. The unseen evil which we all oppose merely by talking about them, right?

    Except that nobody ever presents evidence for the existence of these boogeymen.

    ‘If I were in charge I would send boogeymen to watch over fakeologist’. Yeah, that’s great, but you are not in charge and never will be. Unless and until you accept this simple fact, you will continue to operate on faulty premises and therefore arrive at faulty conclusions.

    What is it to be ‘arrogant’? Is it ‘arrogant’ to state confidently, in the face of groupthink to the contrary, that one has not seen evidence that these ‘paid shills’ exist? Or is it arrogant to assume that one’s opinions are so important that they are being monitored by nameless, faceless forces?

    I answer, ‘the latter’.

    Get a grip. Nobody in this realm has presented information that is so powerful that they need to be monitored. Not me, and not you.


    It may cause deep internal pain to deal with this at first, but the reality of the matter is that we (those who see through the TV and other system lies) are not apparently a threat to whoever runs this show.

    Indeed, they seem to leave Easter Eggs for us to follow! Look at that Lunar Module, ffs. Tell me that isn’t a joke.

    All online communities are liable to fall into groupthink and ‘echo chamber’ regurgitation of fallacies. The only defence against this that I am aware of is to expressly encourage skepticism of the premises at all times.

    Nobody ought to be getting offended (or triggered) by those who question their premises. I suggest that those who seek ‘truth’ (even if this amounts to nothing more than internal consistency, a sound epistemological framework) ought to embrace skepticism, rather than becoming frustrated by it (as is often the case when I ask my simple questions).

    And my questions are simple:

    Where does your conception of ‘good’ and ‘evil’ come from?

    If the government/’TPTB’ are ‘evil’ (due, for instance, to promoting vaccines), then what is your judgement of the parents who allow their children to be vaccinated?

    I suggest that the parents are (or ought to be considered) far more responsible for their own children than ‘the government’ (or any actor there within).

    If you retort, ‘oh, but the parents don’t know any better, they think they are doing the right thing’, then I agree with you — and I also point out that the exact same line of defence can be used to defend the government/TPTB.

    Don’t believe me? Read Brave New World. It is all in there. Young Huxley came from a family of Eugenecists and fairytale promoters. Fairytales for the masses. He seems to have had some idea as to what he was talking about with regards to the general direction of ‘society’ and the justifications for it.

    And if you take the time to read BNW you might notice that it is largely a work of moral philosophy:

    Who are YOU to say how other people should live their lives?
    Who are YOU to say that the people who run the show ought to do things YOUR way?
    Who are YOU to say that you are happier than the lemmings (Epsilons) who couldn’t think for themselves if they even tried?

    Who am I to say such things? Why am I so righteous? Under whose guidance or compass am I doing ‘right’?

    This post will make sense to only a small portion of people who attempt to read it. If you are one of them, I encourage you to check out this article, available completely for free, no membership necessary:


    The TV fakery is only the tip of the iceberg, fam.

    As always, thanks to Ab for facilitating this exchange of ideas and opinions.

    1. Bob Czz

      John Le Bon, I almost cant stand to hear your obvious SHILL voice anymore. Saying people who think paid shills exist are delusional. Then the next thing out of your SHILL mouth is you dont believe we ever went to the moon…LOL That is taught in school and in our textbooks that we went to the moon. So, some shills got PAID to fabricate that LIE. And others got paid to print it in books, and there are thousands of PAID SHILLS today that are still pushing that LIE. Then you were talking how conspiracies don’t exist WTF. You DONT think the Moon landing isn’t a conspiracy? You done LOST your shill mind. ONLY SHILLS would speak what you speak. Why don’t you go on another vacation? Maybe permanently this time. I would be happy to never hear your SHILL voice again.

    2. gaiagaia

      On the point of “Why do all those hoaxes and stageplays look so silly?”, the answer is simple; humans are lazy animals. They simply get away with it. There is just no need to commit the “perfect murder”, if you can get away with an imperfect murder. Sloppiness is everywhere, anyone who has worked anywhere knows that. Or take your videos “Why didn’t you edit out that Droste effect in your video?”? Why would you? It is “good enough”, just like those hoaxes are; “just good enough”.

      This idea that they deliberately put mistakes in there, comes from a projection stance of us, the researchers. It should give us a “good feeling” that there were clues put in there “for us to discover”. It almost is a religious thing.

      Also take into consideration that those Elites are psychopaths. They are people who lie, deceive, manipulate, and they enjoy that, it’s an addiction, sexual almost, they lack empathy and use the outcomes of their tricks to their own advantage. Psychopaths are playful people, gambling on their own tricks. They are not autists who tend to be perfectionistic.

      And no, they control everything; the “information” streams, the violence (police, armies), paper tricks (laws), prison system (both schools and jails), so they don’t care about us, or any of the work we do here. That is not a fatalistic view, I like this hobby, but that is what this is; a hobby. Other people gather to talk about the Bible, solve crossword puzzles, we do this. It’s not a mission and if people read this and think there’s truth in it, great. If not, then not.

      1. John le BonJohn le Bon

        “There is just no need to commit the “perfect murder”, if you can get away with an imperfect murder.”

        What do you mean ‘get away with’? Clearly some people have figured out that the moon landings (for one example) are an obvious fraud. If by ‘get away with’ you simply mean that there has not been a ‘revolution’ over it, that is true, but when has there ever been a genuine uprising of the masses? The people at the top can ‘get away with’ anything. This still does not explain why the Lunar Module looks so comical.

        Regarding the notion that these ‘clues’ are put there intentionally, what is your reasoning for dismissing the idea? Are you familiar with the concept of ‘easter eggs’ in films? If so, then why do you dismiss the notion that something similar is going on with these made-for-TV movies?

        Accusations of ‘projection’ qualify as neither evidence nor logic.

        “Also take into consideration that those Elites are psychopaths.”

        What is your evidence for this claim?

        1. gaiagaia

          You’re right, they can get away with anything. So why go through all the effort, time and extra people needed to make something that works but is imperfect, perfect? You answer your own question.

          I haven’t talked about any “revolution”, so that’s your connection with this ‘getting away with’, not mine.

          And yes, I know about Easter Eggs and they definitely are real. That doesn’t mean EVERY error we see is an Easter Egg. You can have Easter Eggs AND errors. To identify the errors by definition as Easter Eggs, when they are just that; mistakes, is a pars pro toto fallacy.

          In an audiochat I will explain more about that psychopath part.

          And yes, projection is real. It is observable; evidence. Is a logical? Most people are not logical thinkers anyway, so the whole question becomes moot.

          1. John le BonJohn le Bon

            You didn’t answer my question: what do you mean ‘get away with’?

            I never said that all ‘errors’ are easter eggs. I am suggesting that the Lunar Module (for one example) may be.

            You seem absolutely certain that the comical nature of the Lunar Module was an ‘error’ and not done intentionally. I used to see things this way, so I have no reason to try to change your mind.

            1. gaiagaia

              I did. I listed all the different tools of power the Elites have. So they get away with everything. Nobody is going to stop them; they get away with things.

              The Lunar Module was what it was. I don’t see it as an error. It was just sloppiness. They know people will believe anything. No need for a really engineered thing, when carton boxes are “good enough”.

              The nose-out thing of 9/11 might well be an error.
              Gene Rosen, sloppiness, doing things cheap, no need for perfection.

              There are so many layers of this truth seeking onion, that hide the rotten spots you only find when peeling the onion.

                1. gaiagaia

                  That is my view on it, yes. Feel free not to share my view.

                  The evidence and logic are in the daily observations of human behavior around us and in ourselves. We are a lazy species who rather use less effort, time and resources if we can achieve the desired result. Everyone involved in these hoaxes are people. So it’s only logic to expand that evidence (observation) consistently to the hoaxsters; they are sloppy, just like everyone else.

    3. dirtybennydirtybenny

      I found this exchange between JLB and Heycitizen to be riveting. To paraphrase….at one point…we don’t know who we are, we don’t know why we’re here, and we don’t know where we are at, only that we die. JLB goes on to question how do you know we die…..Wow, now we are really getting to the core of the matter of the nature of human existence, the meaning of life, and the nature of reality. It is so refreshing to hear such big topics discussed as opposed to discussing how the latest event is fake or that Hollywood is manipulative. As JLB said, we have no idea where the hell we are…..I agree…..

      As JLB mentioned, we all die often each night in our dreams, yet we remain in the morning. Once you realize you are lucid dreaming, you can play more freely within your environment with that knowledge. Similarly, by more clearly defining the nature of our “reality”, we can live our lives without fear and move towards happiness.

      Another JLB gem…”Someone has conviced you that your existence will come to an end”….indeed. We need to open up our minds to entertain new paradigms that transcend the programming that we have been indoctrinated with. It is a challenge for sure. But this marvelous discussion was a great start. Does good and evil exist? Is it situational? Is it just another layer of programming? Is it possible? Very very intriguing ideas. I do know that I personally regarded other’s actions in the past towards me as evil, but the changes that those actions brought about caused personal growth. I no longer regard those actions as evil, but rather without the good/evil characterization. The actions had to happen in order for personal growth to occur.

      Kudos to Heycitizen and JLB for this spirited discussion and entertaining such taboo concepts.


      1. xileffilex

        Whoa! That’s right at the top of the hoax pyramid, the “We Exist” media hoax. That’s got to be a granddaddy hoax, surely? Riveting stuff. Let me know how your inquiry progresses, indeed your general movement in the direction of “happiness”.
        I’ll stick with sub-daddy hoaxes.

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