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Hydrazene nooklear tales

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So wonderful knowing that a bonehead dropping a wrench cannot end the world, but it sure can set off one hell of an explosion. Of course, this entire story maybe fiction, but it nevertheless is fairly dramatic.

Even the best laid plans can go catastrophically wrong when humans get involved. This week, people bungle simple operations on some of the most dangerous weapons in the world.

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Gaia gives us Fakeopedia

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Good write up by Mark T. Special thanks to @Misom too!

Gaia is involved in a project now, working with AB, called “Fakeopedia.” He asked me to write up POM (it still needs more work, links, etc.), which I did, and wants others to chime in too. The idea is a central repository for the major fake events of our time, but done in an open source manner, as with Wikipedia. It’s risky, and also a very large undertaking that is going to require perseverance and lots of work. I hope everyone takes a look, and where possible contributes. And thank you, Gaia, for stepping

Source: Gaia gives us Fakeopedia; some future projects, and a joyous new year to all – Piece of Mindful

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Staging the disappearance of the Statue of Liberty

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An amazing podcast on the secrets of magic tricks and how even our own minds, even if we know how a trick is done, can still be fooled. This podcast is instructional on how psyops and hoaxes can be constructed

Go to around the 50-minute mark for an explanation on how the audience or parts thereof are necessary to shill for the trick to really work.

Just a few years before he got the internship at NPR that started him in radio, our host Ira Glass had another career. He performed magic at children’s birthday parties. A powerful sense of embarrassment has prevented him from ever doing an episode on the subject, but when he learned that producer David Kestenbaum was also a kid conjurer, they decided to dive in together.

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FAC408-Stern on 911

Velocet-Today at 12:30 PM

05:24 GMT Velocet, Howard Stern 9/11 replay intro. Floyd, movie clips

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September Clues – Top Documentary Films

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As I was watching some random docs on this channel, I was surprised to stumble upon the epic video we all were transformed by.

Needless to say, the comments have trolled the video into the ground.

Source: September Clues – Top Documentary Films

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FAC406-Merry Xmas!

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With Tom Dalpra, Napoleon Wilson, Tryptomine, John Adams, Delcroix, John le Bon, Kham, Rochello, Misom

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