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David Cole In Auschwitz (Full Documentary)

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Thankful to have seen this doco a few years ago – it’s just the anti-dote to my child’s Grade 10 history class. Yes, all the official stories of the Holocaust that we hear about in the movies are official education in 2017. Just like the official 9/11 story is and will be – mandatory curriculum.

Yes, this is the perfect time to learn that there are three sides to every story – when the mind is still fresh and absorbent. Perhaps I should have pre-conditioned my student with this before the class.

My child was resistant to learning any more (after being suitably disturbed by the official story), but was quite glad to hear another view (and watch officials squirm under questioning indicating deception).

Education should always present both sides – and let children decide. Alas, this is not allowed under the Prussian school system that we currently are ruled by.

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FAC402-Much Masonry

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FAC402 Show Notes

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