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Gaia says JLB is a psychopath.

Also starring Phil Blanks

2 thoughts on “FAC417-JLB

  1. gaiagaia

    How great is it to see how JLB exactly confirms my observations (he called claims) about his behavioral traits: manipulative/deceiving (misrepresenting what I said, see below), detached from people (not even reading the full post), steering to himself (“his website”), lying (data? “you don’t have shit” [about my genealogy]), lack of self reflection (taking his own presented search for logic to himself; making fallacies about others) and avoiding the points I made in that discussion in the audiochat:
    you can do your own genealogical research, I don’t need to share my family history with you
    – ok, if you say it is not true, then what is your alternative explanation for those names -all insignificant people; farmers, butchers, maids, etc.- in my family history?

    I recommend listening to this chat, it is an excellent display of the observations (not “claims”) I made in this topic that even starts with a question, not claim or “accusation”:

    Is JLB a psychopath?

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