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MM cracks the Austin bomber case

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He does so without being influenced by the normal Youtubers – since they’ve all been scrubbed.

He makes a good point about all the flat earth stuff being left alone. Another point for the DBA side.

I lived in Austin for twenty years (until 2000) and my family is still there. I just talked to my brother on the phone, and he was all over this story, trying to sell it to me. I finally told him I didn’t believe any of it, and he wasn’t happy to hear that. He couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t believe what the media was telling me. He told me the murderer’s parents went to his church. I said, “Yes, and can you verify that? Have you met them? Have you seen them on the list of members?” No. His reply was, “Why would these people lie?”
We will get to that, but first let us look at the event. As my readers know, I normally let the Youtubers have a go at these contemporary events, then I come in a couple of weeks later and sort through it all. I can’t do that anymore, because Youtube has been cleansed in the past few months. It no longer allows researchers to post their work on these hoaxed events. It no longer allows “conspiracy theories”. All that has been forcibly shut down at the request of the government, which should concern you. Yes, there was a lot of crap on Youtube, and most of the research on any given event was worse than useless. However, a good researcher like me used to be able to find a few good links there. It is very discouraging to go to Youtube now and find nothing but government-approved news. I encourage you to boycott Youtube. I think you can survive without your Bieber and Swift videos, cat videos, and Flat Earth promotions. That’s right: despite shutting down other forms of dissent and so-called conspiracy theories, Youtube is not cracking down on Flat Earth at all. In fact, it seems to be promoting and uplisting Flat Earth like never before. That should tell you what to think of Flat Earth. The government seems to have no problem with it. It is an important part of the NASA and SpaceX promotion, as I have shown you before. It acts as the perfect manufactured opposition for NASA and SpaceX.

The Austin Bombings were Faked.

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Dear Suspendtube

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I tried.


Thank you for your account suspension appeal. We have decided to keep your account suspended based on our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. Please visit… for more information.

The YouTube Team

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FAC446-Show Notes

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napoleon wilsonLast Friday at 6:58 AM

James Patrick Bulger (16 March 1990 – 12 February 1993) was a boy from Kirkby, Merseyside, England, who was murdered on 12 February 1993, at the age of two. He was abducted, tortured and killed by two ten-year-old boys, Robert Thompson (born 23…

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A vehicle-ramming attack is a form of attack in which a perpetrator deliberately rams a motor vehicle into a building, crowd of people, or another vehicle. The earliest known use of a vehicle-ramming attack in its current form was the 2001 Azor a…

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Crushing hope on 9/11

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Any leader that hints at sharing the wealth and helping the people will be targeted.

In Toronto, we had Jack Layton and Rob Ford actors that were similarly removed from the public scene.

These are my favorite type of posts. Good job Mark!

I think this is a widely-used model, not only in remote places like Chile, but in the United States as well. We saw John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King and John Lennon all idealized, lionized, and then, like Allende, assassinated. All of these assassinations were fake, we now know. That is not the point – each man was but a scoundrel used to raise up our hopes for meaningful change and then to crush that hope.

That, to me, is the meaning of 9/11/73 – crushing hope. It is a common treatment used everywhere to control us, keep us in chains.


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PG17-Natalie Wood DCP

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The Proper Gander At Propaganda Podcast Episode 17: Investigative Journalism – Hollywood Style!

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FAC445-Kelito Brigante

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Radio Rollo presents Kelly from Scotland, with a drop in from Ab.

Talking 9/11.

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PG14/5-9/11 and comics

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Podcast 15 Endless Comic Book Crisis. Please visit for more.

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PG14/5-9/11 and comics

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Podcast 15 Endless Comic Book Crisis. Please visit for more.

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Getting the narrative from the media

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If this story is true then it fits my idea that even government officials don’t actually know the true phony story. They are just as in the dark as everyone else, meaning they are compartmentalised too. At most, government organizations would only need one person to do the bidding of those that create the folk stories.

The media never investigates stories, they are simply fed the stories from the hoax creators unfiltered.

During Hawaii’s mistaken missile alert, even 911 operators were checking CNN to see if attack was real…

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