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FAC450-Show notes

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GaiaYesterday at 3:47 PM

Audio Chat Faye & Gaia April 5: pieceofmindful.com…
B. Müller gave me permission to reprint his comment from a post down below regarding Simon Shack and his new book, The TYCHOS, The True Model of Our Solar System. I am curious the discussion this b…

GaiaYesterday at 4:54 PM

Simon’s long awaited solar system model is here – and the earth is not flat! I hereby present the TYCHOS model, the only existing configuration of our “solar system” fully consistent wi…

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FAC450-Faye, Gaia, Dave J, Contrarious

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Faye and Gaia discuss pieceofmindful.com… and its comments. An extensive conversation about the Simon Shack Tychos.info… model of the cosmos.

Faye also has a fantastic conversation with Dave J.

Later Contrarious discusses Idiocracy and the curved Earth with Gaia and Exoteric64. Anounceofsalt also chimes in.

The social credit system in China is discussed.

War is controlled demolition with strategic relocation.