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NASA’s output is all poop

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Another non explanation of how defecating in space would work if there was such a place to go. Looking back over the years of reporting on NASA fakery, it’s amazing how little the nonsense stories have changed. They either work well or no one is listening. I choose the latter.

This certainly isn’t the number one perk about space travel: going number two.…

Fakeologist Radio 2 stats

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You can listen to the latest streaming podcast on a streaming device, such as new cars’ entertainment centers. No downloading required, although you don’t get the benefit of fast forwarding past the dull parts.…

Not too many people listen this way.

NB: There is no longer a Fakeologist Radio 1.


FAK199-Fakeologist 55

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Attention! This audio is only 55 minutes – that’s 27.5 minutes for your morning commute and 27.5 for your afternoon commute! You won’t miss a thing – so download it today and listen in!

When? May 30, 2018 @ 2033h EDT

Who? Faye and Ab go over the week’s events on…

Listen live @…

Israel’s whitewashed history

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We know the victors of War write the history. The truth is out there however for anyone who cares to look for it.

What’s The Truth Good For, Anyway?…

For many years, Israeli citizens learned a sanitized version of what happened during their War of Independence in 1948. They learned that 700,000 Arabs fled the country on their own accord. But in the late 1980s, a group of Israeli historians gained access to most of the government documents from the war and started writing a truer, less flattering version of the story

2000 year old bones

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The idea that you could find bones that old defies logic and common sense, but like other archaeological hoaxes, they can’t stop “discovering” more proofs.

The real question is why promote such an obvious silly narrative that we can find Pompeiians in various stages of escape from this awful fateful eruption, the more we dig?

Officials at the Pompeii archaeological site have announced a dramatic new discovery, the skeleton of a man crushed by an enormous stone while trying to flee the explosion of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 A.D. Pompeii officials on Tuesday released a photograph showing the skeleton protruding from beneath a large block of stone that may have been a door jamb that had been “violently thrown by the volcanic cloud.”

Source: New find at Pompeii shows skeleton of man crushed trying to flee eruption | The Star

Flying axes in Humboldt

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What is it with this tiny place in Canada? Are they now the hub for crazy/fake news? In 10 years this guy has almost been killed twice by flying debris? What are the [incredibly unlikely] odds?

If there was never anything happening in Humboldt before this year, then there sure is now. Perhaps a new industry for this farm area.

A Saskatoon man says he was cut on the forehead and suffered a concussion after an axe came flying through his truck’s windshield. Mackenzie Peddle says he doesn’t remember getting hit in the face while he was driving home to Saskatoon from Yorkton, Sask., earlier this month.

Humboldt RCMP said Tuesday they were looking for the public’s help in the investigation.

Peddle said it’s not the first time something has flown through his windshield while he was driving on the highway.

He said about a decade ago, he was driving his car when a long piece of rebar fell off a truck, bounced off the pavement and pierced the windshield on the driver’s side — missing him by inches.

Source: Saskatoon man reports near miss after he says an axe flew through his windshield | The Star

TVAH: Real van on a sidewalk

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This one looks real, but #NDNGH and there wasn’t a media story that was promoted.

The Toronto Van Attack hoax was fake – and impossible to believe that the thousands that could have video recorded it with their studio quality smartphones didn’t.

Stratford bomb threat hoax

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Nothing like front page news to bring up sagging Shake a spear sales.

Concidentally, I was going to go to a play this year. Mrs. Fakeologist vetoed it earlier, saying this year’s lineup was awful. Maybe she was right.

This story also helps reinforce the idea that there will be security checks in every public space, including grocery stores. Buy your scanner shares today.

At about 6:45 p.m., Stratford police received a call that explosives had been placed “at the Stratford Festival,” prompting the speedy evacuations of both the Festival and Avon theatres.

Monday’s bomb threat was the first time in the Stratford Festival’s years of performances that an opening night was cancelled. While protests in 2006 by a coalition of anti-poverty groups resulted in additional precautions, the performers still took to the stage as scheduled.

At an evening media conference, Stratford Festival officials shared plans to enhance its security measures, including the possibility of hiring additional security personnel and bag checks.…

Joshin’ about this fetid stew

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Good luck navigating the infinitely nested single comment on the Mathis fan blog.

Pingbacks are an automatic feature of WordPress. I think this is the only Pingback site (or non) to link to the Josh site.

I have decided to delete all the pingbacks from fakeologist. I can’t stop them from linking to my blog, but I’d rather they didn’t. They promote obvious disinfo like Flat Earth & “transvestigations” along with dishonest, hypocritical shills like Weisbecker. So I don’t want them trying to blackwash this site or Miles by mixing it in with that fetid stew.

We need to use discernment, and the fakeologist approach of promoting every cockamamie theory in the name of having “an open mind” simply won’t do. We need sharp minds armed with good defense mechanisms in order to thwart the non-stop attempts to stir our brains.

Comment on In Defense of Miles Mathis by Josh…

Jordan Peterson: Truth in the Time of Chaos: he believes in nukes

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Rock star psychologist says he studies belief systems in societies. I wonder what evidence he has to believe in nukes? Apparently this was his biggest inspiration for studying myths.

Gaia has a blog

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With some fakeologist posts.

Just a short post, after the long (Don’t) Mind the Logic one.

“A man is a fabulous nuisance in space right now. He’s not worth all the cost of putting him up there and keeping him comfortable and working”

James Van Allen (1959)

Mooney Tunes…

Do we believe Chicagoland stats?

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These stats don’t tend to rise to the top of the news cycle. Does that make them real?

I’m not sure, but for some reason, I tend to believe stories that aren’t promoted to the top.…

Airport security = big money

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The business case for airport security (theater).

I don’t think body scanners see much more than metal. I still opt out, and accept a pat down.

I like the part about the random (fake) alerts on the scanners, and that people reward themselves in times of stress.

Lets think about the business case for a moment. Currently airport companies make about 50% of their income with services (shops, restaurants etc.) and of course 50% with start and landing fees. When flights are delayed people spend more in airports. When security checks are longer, people are forced to be earlier at the airport. Then they buy water (you are not allowed to carry water, you might… what exactely?) for an exorbitant price, than food, parfume, chocolate or whatever. That is probabily the issue. In Munich, recently, I saw you can get a massage, cut your hair or get your fingernail done! All that in addition to buing food and drinks or shopping. So I guess the stress we are experincing at the security check is part of the plan. Allegedly, when people get under stress they tend to reward themselves more. Mentioning the cancer inducing effect of the check could be a hoax. Why? I flew this week for a couple of days to Portugal. I went through the machine (full body scan, 3D) and it „rang“. So the security man had to do a body check on me. Problem is, I was wearing a T-shirt, shorts, sneekers and not much else. Not even a watch. So I looked over the shoulder too see the monitor myself. It was highlighting my arms, and especially where you would carry a watch. Only, I did not. So the machine could be a box with random numbers, who knows.
One last comment: the flight back was canceled and we spent 12 hours at the airport. Slept on the floor, bought very expensive water (I would refill, but sometimes they dispence only warm water, sometimes it tastes disgusting).
Airports are weird business models.Comment on In Defense of Miles Mathis by Andrea…

A good argument against comments

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It’s hard being a moderator. I leave comments open to approved users to find pearls in the mud. They are few and far between, but so far, I think it’s worth the effort.

Is it really wise for me to provide the manure with which people intend to throw at me? I do not think so. That is like an assassin saying to me, “Mr. Sibrel, I would like to shoot you, yet I have no bullets. Will you please give me some for my gun?”, and then me saying, “Sure! Here they are!”, and thus providing the very means for my own murder.…