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FAK196-Fakeologist 55

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When? Friday, May 4, 2018 around 1945 EDT

Listen live at Fakeologist Radio 2 – fakeologist.com/s/radio2

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Toronto van attack hoax: psychological casualties

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There’s hardly any story to report , at least one that’s true, so the media resorts to reporting on itself . Wonderful how all of this is neatly tied into the main reason for this blog 9/11.

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My Holocaust trumps your Holocaust

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A blockbuster TAM featuring the two biggest propaganda beat sticks of the past 100 years, the Holocaust and 9/11. The first story is quite fascinating, illustrating how blacks are cryptonite to the Holocaust narrative.

The second story is a narrative about the grotesque Memorial that is the 911 museum. Even the families of the victims are scripted to be disgusted by it, albeit for different reasons than fakeologists might believe.

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