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FAC479-Rollo, Spiro, Unrestrained

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New voices alert!

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Danforth shooting hoax:Conspiracy candy

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So much conspiracy candy in this text with links.

Danforth shooting aftermath gets more political. Justin Trudeau interrupted his B.C. vacation to visit the Greektown memorial—where he was also interrupted by a heckler. Meanwhile, speculation continues to surround the motivations of the shooter. A related chemical-weapons conspiracy theory was further boosted by one senator:

Yellow cake, drugs, ammo, living with parents, family in disarray, Islamic, mentally ill; every lone gunman conspiracy stereotype story rolled into one. Our top political actor even flies in for a public appearance of mourning.

Remember, this neighborhood is chockablock full of media types who feast on this like vultures to carrion, even if they’re not in on it

All sims need a template

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A court appearance has been cancelled for a man charged with killing five people in The Capital newsroom in Annapolis, Maryland.…

For those old enough to remember the whack job named Tiny Tim, a Paris Hilton type of sorts, you will see all phony images need to start somewhere.

FAC478-Ed O

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After show FAC208 Ed O called in. We found a fakeologist in Toronto!

NB: Ed gave permission to post this call after I learned it was recording after all.

NB: If you call me the call may be recorded and broadcast.

FAK208-Fakeologist Radio

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When? July 29, 2018 @ 1911h EDT

Where? Skype Fakeologist or 518-639-6233


Staged hate?

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This “viral” video has attracted big media attention.

Therefore, it should be deemed suspicious.

The media intelligence apparatus demonizes Muslims, yet reacts with (manufactured) outrage when Joe Redneck takes the bait and acts out.

Normal people don’t act it out, but most think it.

What if there aren’t enough abnormal people to act out when a camera is recording?

Stage it with an agent provocateur.

Is this Joe Six-pack such an actor?

We report, you decide.

9/11 puckman

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Falling man, now puck man.

DNA doesn’t exist. 9/11 vicsims don’t exist, except on paper.

Here’s two phony ideas joined together to create a false narrative.

There’s no medical breakthrough. There’s nothing in an old bone that could possibly tell anyone who’s it is. It’s unlikely a small piece could even tell if it belongs to any particular animal, including a human.

The 9/11 narrative continues to ramp up to the anniversary.

After more than half a dozen futile attempts over the course of 17 years to identify a single bone found in the rubble of the World Trade Center, medical examiners finally had a breakthrough this week. Thanks to advances in DNA testing, the bone was linked to a 26-year-old financial worker from New Jersey who died in the 9/11 attacks, the New York Times reports.

Source: Breakthrough DNA Testing IDs 9/11 Victim As New Jersey Man | Wyckoff-Franklin Lakes Daily Voice

Crime is at historic lows

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Without the hoaxes, what would crime stats really look like?

This article laments the fact that Toronto/Canada is now getting the UK/US/Israel (empire) hoaxed events more regularly.

Gary LaFree, chair of the criminology and criminal justice department at the University of Maryland, noted that while violent crime rates in the U.S., Europe and Canada are in some cases at historic lows, “you’ve got school shooting and terrorism and all sorts of violence that is in this odd new category.”

Source: Toronto is not immune to mass shootings | The Star