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Hunt the Boeing

The opposition that started it all.

Editor’s note:
Theirry Meyssan was the first public intellectual to challenge the official account of 9/11, including his web site, “Hunt the Boeing”, and two books, Pentagate (2002) and 9/11: The Big Lie(2002). Here is one of many photographs featured on his blog that demonstrate no Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon and that the official account of 9/11 is, indeed, “a big lie”:

Thierry Meyssan: An Open Letter to President Trump concerning the consequences of 11 September 2001…

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Calling James Cameron

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A modern Titanic hoax tale endures around another phony plane crash, Canada’s own Swissair 111.

Lots of buried treasure apparently floating in the ocean. Maybe James Cameron’s phony Titanic submarine can find it.

September is plane crash month in the hoax calendar.

I’ve been to the rather sparse roadside memorial on my Canada tour. Not much to see.

More than five kilograms of diamonds and jewels. A Picasso worth millions. Nearly 50 kilograms in cash. The fate of many millions of dollars of valuables said to be carried aboard Swissair Flight 111 when it went down off Nova Scotia 20 years ago this Sunday remains unknown. Insiders say the mystery may never be solved — an attempt to salvage the precious cargo was quickly abandoned, and any treasure hunters who seek to find it are doing it illegally.

Source: Mystery of lost diamonds endures, 20 years after the Swissair Flight 111 crash | CBC News

Simon comments

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So Over The Moon – Another a$$-true-not implying the truth

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I know this American Life is mainstream, and the interviewer may know the truth that no man can or will ever probably go to the moon, whatever it is.

Listen to this audio and hear Frank Borman implying quite clearly that he in no way went to the moon. As these ass-true-nots age and slowly lose their (blue) marbles, it’s clear that the secret that must have eaten them from within that they didn’t go anywhere isn’t as important to them as they prepare for death.

One of the astronauts, Frank Borman, was saying things I had just never heard an astronaut say. Like this–

Frank Borman

Space science fiction still bores me. I’ve never seen– what’s the name of that– that very popular–

Emmanuel Vaughan-lee


Frank Borman

Yeah, all that crap. I’ve never seen any of that.

David Kestenbaum

Emmanuel, the filmmaker, also seemed amused. He pressed on. What about when you were a kid?

Emmanuel Vaughan-lee

And what about the stars or astronomy?

Frank Borman


Emmanuel Vaughan-lee

None of that?

Frank Borman


Emmanuel Vaughan-lee

Airplanes, and airplanes only.

Frank Borman

Airplanes, and airplanes only.

Emmanuel Vaughan-lee

Wow. Wow.

Frank Borman

And a certain particular girl.

Emmanuel Vaughan-lee


Frank Borman

Yeah. So–

Producer David Kestenbaum tells the story of an astronaut who returns with a very unexpected view of the great beyond

Source: So Over The Moon – This American Life

I couldn’t help thinking of this cartoon, when I listened to the over-eager narrator as the little dog, and Frank as Spike.

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Real truck wreckage

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I get many truck crash videos via the forwarding frenzy that is Whatsapp (owned by facebook, and clamping down on forwarding). Most are in Punjabi, since most truckers in Canada are from that part of the world.

I offer these mainly to show what a real truck wreckage scene looks like, unlike the Humboldt Hockey Hoax footage.

Punjabi’s are great users of technology, and always have the smartphone video rolling.

Hoax events never have real smartphone footage.

This video features a cab detached from the chassis, with the driver still in it.

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FAC489-Ab, OBF, Rollo, Rachel, Velocet

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The return of OBF to the Fakeologist airwaves!


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FAC488-Rollo, Rick, and Rachel

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Quite a few others joined in, including Ab, Originalsimulent, Phil B,

After working with Craigbot recording, I must say that Streamerbot is much easier to work with and far faster. Please only use Craig as a backup.

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MFT003-Real News f Markus Allen

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Another edition of Masterfake theater, with new intro and outro.

This audio is from March 11, 2012.

If you have a suggestion for MFT, please email me or message me on discord.

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John Le Bon sets up a discord server, and has an impromptu chat.

I meet Craig bot.

Craig records audios on discord to whoever starts the recording.

If you want to use Craig, let me know and I can add the privilege.

If you do use Craig, send me the audio file if you want it posted.

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