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9/11 Analyzing The Calls From Inside The Towers & Planes & The Dramatic Jumper Footage w James Sloan

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James does a good show playing lots of fabricated audio. James’ audio isn’t great but I will attempt to fix it when I repost it to my FAK audio.

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Brian Staveley’s second amazing 911 show

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Brian is reposting all his old shows and I’ll admit I’ve missed most of them. This second 911 show that he did is absolutely outstanding and is as clear an audio on the subject as I’ve ever heard. Listen to all of it and enjoy.

I wonder if I heard this show before I started broadcasting if I would have bothered to broadcast myself. Brian pretty much has the whole thing figured out.

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Simon on the  MORANDI BRIDGE – Genova

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Image On August 14, 2018 the Morandi bridge in Genoa (Italy) was brought down, ostensibly (and in all probability) with conventional dynamite cutter charges – by a professional firm specialized in so-called “controlled” demolitions. This is currently the biggest news story in Italy – bar none. However, as can be readily discerned (by any of this forum’s seasoned media analysts), the news media were – once again – instructed to sell this staged ‘disaster’ to the public as a shocking national tragedy which

Source: View topic – MORANDI BRIDGE – Genova, August 14, 2018 • Cluesforum.info

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