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Led by Rollo and joined by Napoleon Wilson, Velocet, Yossarian, Spiro, Noiz_level, Rachel, DaveJ, Ab, Delcroix, Exoteric64, Phil Blanks, Codyfrommemphis, TomD, Originalsimulent, Silverbeam, Chad628, SMJ

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  1. teardropexplodesteardropexplodes

    Just catching up with the audios and about halfway through Rachel was talking about WW1. I thought I’d drop a note in with some crazy info I came across recently. Archduke Ferdinand was allegedly murdered by that masonic agent while being driven in his car. You will never guess what the registration plate read?
    Armistice 11-11-18.
    The “war” was planned from beginning to end and they knew when it was going to end before it even began.

    1. John le BonJohn le Bon


      Thank you for posting this comment.

      I hadn’t heard about the Ferdinand plate ‘coincidence’ before but it checks out.

      F***ing lol.

      From the Smithsonian:

      I want to draw attention to an even more astounding coincidence concerning Franz Ferdinand’s death limo—one that is considerably better evidenced than the cursed-car nonsense. This tiny piece of history went completely unremarked on for the best part of a century, until a British visitor named Brian Presland called at Vienna’s Heeresgeschichtliches Museum, where the vehicle is now on display. It was Presland who seems to have first drawn the staff’s attention to the remarkable detail contained in the Gräf & Stift’s license plate, which reads AIII 118.


      A pretty good picture here:


      And then for some lulz, read the normies trying to rationalise this with their puny brains:


      As if it weren’t already clear enough, this should put the matter to bed.

      War is a HOAX. Period.

      We live in strange times. Strange, strange times.

      And I for one am LOVING it 🙂

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