Poof! AA Morris passes like shit through a goose

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I hope you got a chance to hear the AA Morris superslander podcasts because they’ve been sent down the digital memory hole. 

If anyone saved the better audios send them my way. I can’t host every audio but I do like to save a sample or two for history.

Was this the work of a superfan or the military media? 


It was all just “an elaborate piece of performance art.”

This website and accompanying podcast series were designed with this end result in mind. Consider this a live acton roleplaying experience. Do not believe much of what was said or written. AA Morris the so-called “ProperGander” is not a real human being; nor is there any reason to believe in anything the “ProperGander” AA Morris put forth. This person never really existed at all. Please keep this in mind.

Never forget to believe half of what you see and none of what you hear. What we can honestly reveal is that this is the work of more than one magical “guy”.

Many of us grew up watching Rich Little, the (voice) impressionist, after all.

Never forget a proper context really does matter.

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6 thoughts on “Poof! AA Morris passes like shit through a goose

  1. UnrealUnreal

    As there finally has been some intelligible research and discussion on the size and nature of State and Military involvement in the creation of conspiracy culture as whole, it is noteworthy how so few participated in intelligible discussion in Fakeologist forum and on audiochat.

    By the help of a comical example of Ace Bakerish on-air suicide, some of the most typical Truther Front Figures now seem to trample the scene in delight as they sunbath in hasty generalizations and using a dead defenseless “Carrion” as an argument for dismissing conspiracy culture being full of intelligence operatives.

    It is interesting how the new poster-child of “online shill outing” is himself claiming nothing less than being an agent himself and clearly now can be identified as one himself. In a way, AA Morris played nice enough for long enough to be considered a reasonable source as most of his material and presentation was in line with an advanced understanding of media fakery.

    There is no way around intelligence operatives in conspiracy culture, and while the level of sophistication might vary, the numerous Truther figures all bring something to the table as they seek recognition and above all an audience. In order to mislead, you first have to lead. Curiously, AA Morris never led any research into the Conspiracy Conspiracy and merely was the only researcher that seemed niche enough (small enough public) to be able to bring it up. Well – dead voice artists sell the best it would seem.

    Now we have the conundrum where suspect intelligence operators use the example of a sacrificed paid intelligence role actor to “prove” there are no paid professional gatekeepers in conspiracy culture… Just by participating in such a nonsensical shortcut discussion, the participants indirectly will admit to their actual motivation for being part of the Truther scene which would be to mislead, gain attention and audience.

    The main reason that we would need to research the conspiracy behind conspiracy culture is that it is a large system and that it involves a lot of different players – at no point is it necessary to reduce the focus on one or two cases, despite well founded suspicion.

    The intelligence and media gatekeeping is systemic which is well illustrated by the existence of 300+ radio shows that specialize in conspiracy culture (TCC spreadsheet) and that we at our level of Fakeologist understanding should realize do not produce endless shows on aliens and deep state whistleblowers because they have the necessary spare time, financial independence and personal interest.

    In order to produce one or two shows a week on poor research and fallacious theories one have to be a professional disinformation agent. James Corbett or James Fetzer and their 1000 guests are not too intellectually challenged to not research and interest themselves in the absence of victims on 911 – they were paid to and part of State and Military efforts to misdirect public dissent.

    My personal opinion on this and that individual that act as a Truther Content Creator is not merely as important as the fact 95+ percent of the Truthers who are leading conspiracy culture in various ways are paid intelligence operators – or “shills” if you want to insist on using intelligence NLP language.

    Fakeologist forum topic – The Conspiracy Conspiracy (14 Jul 2018)

    The Conspiracy Conspiracy (10 Jul 2018)

    Conspiracy Gatekeeping (29 Jun 2018)

    [ International UFO Congress panel featuring Timothy Good, Stephen Bassett, Robert Powell and Dr John Alexander ]

    1. Terran DownvaleTerran Downvale

      Yes, interesting how AA Morris’ dying words (in addition to “jaw blown off,” “stand with Honr” and “Dave JonBenet Ramsey Johnson”) were “I highly recommend UNreal’s thoughtfully written research at allunreal.com….” And what effect will this have on the insulted Fakeologist audience that was already disappointingly disinterested in UNreal’s groundbreaking “Conspiracy Conspiracy” research? Let me guess

      1. Tom DalpraTom Dalpra

        Why the second-guessing of the Fakeologist audience ? How do you know they’re already disinterested in UNreal’s CC thread ?

        There’s plenty of sense spoken there, as I see it, though I have to wonder why someone so apparently in tune with disinformation took a whole year compiling a thread called EGI which is replete with ludicrous and obviously fallacious claims and references to bullshit artist ‘ CC researchers’ like Jungle Surfer?
        It stands as a work of disinformation in and of itself (even if it’s an accident). I mean, come on Terran, are you giving any credence to the idea that the Duchess of Cambridge is a man and that the Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd are women ?

        Anyway, I don’t think we should disregard the gist of what UNreal says on the dubiously titled Con.Con thread at all.
        This is indeed a world of disinformation that we’re in here. it’s just a little puzzling to me
        that sometimes UNreal behaves like he’s part of it too.

  2. rachelrachel

    “Never forget to believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.”

    That’s the catchphrase of Rich Hall from Rich Planet. Maybe a clue to the true nationality of the pen that wrote AA Morris?

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